Tuesday, November 2, 2010

CA: Audit Hits Fresno County Public Guardian

A company hired to manage the affairs of elderly and mentally ill clients in Fresno County may have overbilled for its services -- and the county agency responsible for oversight failed to see the problems, a county audit has found.

The county's audit committee, which includes Supervisor Judy Case and several top county administrators, decided Thursday to forward the report to the District Attorney's Office for possible criminal investigation.

Committee members didn't say who they want investigated, but the discussion of potential criminal activity centered on a vendor, Anjaleoni Enterprises of Clovis. County officials are concerned about more than $1 million in bills the company submitted in the last fiscal year, including some for items it purchased from relatives of Anjaleoni's owner. Auditors didn't estimate how many of the bills might have been improper.

The Fresno County Public Guardian office is responsible for about 260 elderly and mentally ill people who can't take care of themselves. Money from their estates is put into an account managed by the county, which relies on vendors to provide care for the clients, including making purchases for them.

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Audit Hits Fresno County Public Guardian

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StandUp said...

All Public Guardians should be audited yearly. They hold too much responsibility and too much power to not be kept in check.

Steve said...

ANOTHER public guardian under the spotlight? Why am I not surprised?

Norma said...

Does anybody know how many public guardians in CA have been on the hotseat lately? It seems to be a real trend in that state.

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking of all of the innocent and vulnerable people hurt by the likes of a bad public guardian.

Paula said...

Criminal activity, I hope will result in criminal charges!

Connie said...

I hope and I pray that when the dust settles, the victims receive restitution and the perp(s) are put away where they won't harm other helpless people.