Sunday, July 17, 2011


Where Our Cook County Probate Court Judges Should Make Our License Plates



StandUp said...

I understand why they call it Crook County, but at the same time guardianship abuse is a national problem!

Anonymous said...

Corruption in the "justice" system is everywhere. Hurray for those in Cook County who are willing to come forward. No victims in my county are willing to do the same.

Norma said...

Those Probate Sharks entertain me to no end!

Jane Branson said...

The corruption of Probate courts and guardianship abuse has escalated America's Budget Deficit.

Not only has the Probate justice system allowed guardianship to destroy the lives of children, disabled, elderly wards and their families but their crimes have also played a huge role in putting AMERICA in a FINANCIAL CRISIS !

Once the guardianship predators
establish ownership of the their victims, they milk
the victims financial accounts dry, once the money is gone, the victim becomes indigent and is forced on Medicaid State Funding through no fault of their own.

This is the reason Medicare and Medicaid expensives is sky rocketing not because of the victims but because of the corruption happening across the Country in our Probate Courts.

America is in a "Fnancial Crisis"
we're footing the bill for a corrupt justice system, making a "Business," out of using our most vulnerable citizens.

Do not blame the Budget Deficit Crisis on Grandma and Grandpa that have been robbed and looted of their estates and life savings who
are now indigent forced to live
in institutions And, forced to live off Medicaid. Blame a corrupt justice system who could less about what they're doing to their Country.

Stop the predators in our justice
system and you'll have Medicare and Medicaid under control.

Dilly said...

Me too. I like to follow the sharks.

Julie said...

Funny! There was a segment on Jon Stewart the other nite. He was saying 57% of the last 7 elected Govs in IL are in jail. So, he set the stage that if the one of the 7 were standing with one of the former Govs on his left side and another on the right, then chances are they'd be standing in JAIL.

What a horrible reputation for IL.