Monday, January 7, 2013

101-Year-Old Man’s Alleged Abuse Adds To Medicaid Crisis

MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. – Thursday afternoon Julie Johnston, the granddaughter of the alleged abuse victim, held a press conference where she released audio recordings of her grandfather’s claim.

In the recordings, you hear the 101-year-old man claim that Desmond Kimbrough, a former Mount Pleasant Manor employee sexually assaulted him.

“I said you’re killing me, you’re hurting me so bad. My back was hurting me so bad and he was having sex with me,” Johnston’s grandfather said.

Now Johnston says she’s having a hard time getting her grandfather out of Mount Pleasant Manor, where the abuse is said to have occurred.

A hidden camera caught a lot of the activity. All of the video has not yet been released to the media but an attorney for the family did show a few clips.

The video recorded just last week, over a 24-hour period ending on December 7 resulted in the arrest of Kimbrough. He was in bond court on Tuesday morning charged with Abuse of a Vulnerable Adult.

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101-Year-Old Man’s Alleged Abuse Adds To Medicaid Crisis


Anonymous said...


StandUp said...

It makes me sick and I hope the victim gets justice.

Sue said...

What the???? I could faint just at the thought of this attack and how many others?

Desmond Kimbrough might get out on bond? He is dangerous a very dangerous predator targeting the helpless - LOCK HIM UP - cage him until his trial is over.

Also he, the perp, is a flight risk and you can be certain not much effort will go into going after him. I am outraged at how the system is so predator friendly with more rights than the innocent.