Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lawless America: Diane Wilson

YouTube: Lawless America: Diane Wilson
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NASGA: Dorothy Wilson, New York Victim


Thelma said...

A sad story, typical of the evils of unlawful and abusive guardianships.

Finny said...

It's a terrible tragedy and I believe Dorothy Wilson would be alive today if she were not in the guardianship system.

Troutman said...

Good job, Diane!

Melissa said...

I hope Lawless America is having a good turn out yesterday and today!

Dennis Murphy said...

Guardianship allows for wild west lawless society beware boomers you are next know that is the truth. I hope the boomers get this figured out fast and fixed before my time comes or my generation is next but I will fight back without mercy knowing that will get me drugged up to my death but I'm going down fighting these sob's and I'd rather burn all I own rather than the alternative.

Anonymous said...

To have called on Protective servicex, because the siblimgs were abusing mom. was a mistakem unless you could provide better care. Once they have a hold, you, we, are all subject to judical orders and financial abuse.
No State in the Union, is paying for elder care, because we do not have insurance coverage for that, beyond what Medicare covers. They will take whatever an elder has, to pay for the care. I wish, everyone would realize that.
and then gripe about universal health care in this country would be socoalism...Figure the American Mentality..eb