Sunday, March 17, 2013

Tonight on T.S. Radio: Elder Abuse: NM Passes "Baker Act"

Join us this evening as Leonie Rosenstiel returns to up date us on the passage of New Mexico’s version of the “Baker Act”.

This law in tandem with the new DSM 5, will enable the labeling of any individual as “mentally ill”. The DSM 5 contains 292 fictional mental disorders for which there is no medical test, no science, and no evidence that the disorders exists other than they said so.

This bill will be used to target, incarcerate and hold hostage elderly individuals with assets. The holding period will be used to create what most likely will be fictional disorders that will allow the granting of predatory guardianships and will open the doors to the looting of the estate. All to benefit the ward, of course.

B 271
Sponsor: Mary Kay Papen
This bill will facilitate the theft of estates, especially to those who are elderly w/assets, in New Mexico. The bill gives blanket access to estates via the labeling as mentally ill, those who own the estates.

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StandUp said...

I think the Baker Act is probably a necessary law but it's being misused - just like most guardianship and conservatorship law.

honeybear said...

I appreciate all Marti Oakley is doing to bring awareness to our cause.

Anonymous said...

Hey New Mexico politicians, the state is part of the USA, not Mexico.