Sunday, July 21, 2013

Coming up July 30 on Frontline: Life and Death in Assisted Living

More and more elderly Americans are choosing to spend their later years in assisted living facilities, which have sprung up as an alternative to nursing homes. But is this loosely regulated, multi-billion dollar industry putting seniors at risk? In a major investigation with ProPublica, FRONTLINE examines the operations of the nation’s largest assisted living company, raising questions about the drive for profits and fatal lapses in care.

Life and Death in Assisted Living

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READ chapter 3 of Joe Roubicek's new book in progress, "KILL MOM, KILL DAD:  Disposing of the Elderly for Profit" on the subject of second generation drugs in nursing homes.

Financial Exploitation of the Elderly


Joecitizen said...

Thanks for the plug NASGA. ... There is a difference between using a drug as a legitimate treatment and using it as a chemical restraint to lower expenses.

Christi said...

This should have good information for everyone.

Trev said...

This will be a good program. Thanks for posting NASGA. And thank you, Joe Roubicek for all you're doing to raise awareness to the plight of the elderly. You're both great!

StandUp said...

Lower expenses and also drug the elderly into silence, Joe.

There just can't be enough focus on this issue.

Thank you, Joe, for addressing it in your book.