Saturday, March 8, 2014

Washoe County District Judge Authors, "Who is Guarding the Guardians?"

The Jason Hanson and Guadalupe Olvera cases are not isolated. The exploitation of the disabled and elderly illustrated in both cases is just the tip of the iceberg in a racketeering enterprise running rampant throughout Nevada and the US.  

A Washoe County District Court Judge has authored the following paper to help improve guardianship systems and monitoring in his county, something completely lacking in Clark County. 

The reform that Judge Hardy recommends would put a stop to the abuse caused in Clark County Family Court by appointed "Guardianship Commissioners" like Jon Norheim - a former mob lawyer - - who rubber stamps everything greedy private guardians like Jared E. Shafer want. - SM


Who is Guarding the Guardians?  A Localized Call for Improved Guardianship Systems and Monitoring
By: Judge David Hardy, Second Judicial District Court, Washoe County, Nevada
What is generally described above remains specifically accurate in Washoe County, Nevada. A statistical analysis of local guardianships demonstrates that Washoe County guardianships do not compare well to “exemplary” courts in which best practices exist. As but a few examples, 64% of all Washoe County guardianships begin as temporary guardianships in which an order is entered before the proposed ward is given notice of the action and an opportunity to respond. The judges granted 99% of the ex parte petitions for temporary guardianship. Few proposed wards are represented by counsel or guardians ad litem. Only 7% of the petitions sought limited authority in recognition of the proposed wards’ situational capacity. Inventories, personal status reports, and financial accountings were late or missing in alarming numbers. There were also recurring substantive problems relating to the content of petitions and medical evidence, sufficiency of notice, consistency of orders and financial accountings, statutory noncompliance with inventory requirements, widely divergent administrative expenses, and post-death property disposition orders. Finally, judges have no county resources with which to investigate the propriety of guardianship or monitor the performance of their guardians. Washoe County can improve its guardianship systems and adopt best practices by implementing several reforms, each of which is fully discussed in this article.

READ "Who is Guarding the Guardians? A Localized Call for Improved Guardianship Systems and Monitoring "

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StandUp said...

A judge? I am so glad to see a judge speaking out!

Anonymous said...

I agree and I appreciate NASGA posting this info.

B Inberg said...

My faith in mankind has been restored thank you NASGA, fearless reporter Steve Miller and applause to Judge Hardy who asks the appropriate initial question:

Who is Guarding the Guardians?

The guardians are protected by government shield of immunities and that is a major problem.

Emergency petitions are used in haste to seize person and estate many times of false information - and it can take years to a lifetime and a parade of billing lawyers to show the allegations are unfounded but by then it's too late.

Emergency hearing: ex-parte appointment

Temporary guardianship is code for rush to permanent guardianship of person and estate.

Probate court: business deals conducted in a courtroom.

Many of us can site specific cases to show guardianship is all about profit - it's big big big business and let's not forget the public guardians and state guardians who have job security.

I could go on for pages.

The effort to expose the wrongdoing, the very dark and sordid side of guardianship and conservatorships is in baby stage compared to our opposition who has decades head start building this greedy destructive racket.

Mike said...

I admire Steve Miller. He says it like it is.

This is a great post NASGA.

Alan said...

Keep reporting, Steve. We're reading and anxious for your next news on Shafer.