Monday, December 8, 2014

Social Media Guardianship Awareness Campaign to Protect Your Family Starts Today!

NATIONAL GUARDIANSHIP ABUSE AWARENESS on Social Media coincides with a three-part series that is running in the Sarasota Herald-Tribune (Dec. 7 - 9, 2014). The articles feature America's most sinister act that has silently been occurring in complete violation of our American Constitution.  Most haven't heard of Guardianship or Probate Court Abuse and when they do, it's surreal and unbelievable. A Durable Power of Attorney really can be overturned in a hurried courtroom where family members don't even have time to hire an attorney. That's if the family is even notified at all. (And no, it isn't because the elder signed their okay.)

Can strangers really take over an elder person's money and make all decisions - even with  willing and capable family members? Not only is the answer yes, but it's happening in all 50 states. What was set up to protect vulnerable elderly (and YOU in the future) from exploitation has turned into legalized kidnapping and looting of our elder's life savings and estates. If family members make any kind of waves, they are banned or restricted from seeing their own parent. Once you're in the hands of a guardian, even a Clarence Darrow can't get you out.  Want to escape? They already liquidated your car. (Guardians took my Mom's car the second day.) Want to ask a family member or neighbor for help? (You can't, they have a GPS device attached to your ankle or wrist - for your own safety, of course.) When I took my Mom on a court-approved vacation, when I didn't have her back on time, they went to court to put a temporary restraining order on me, stating I was a danger to her.

It's no wonder one corporate guardianship had a fundraiser and dubbed it "The Wild, Wild West". Statutes are being broken. Loosely written laws by the Guardianship attorneys that benefit those that can make money off of the elderly (and like I said, YOU in the future) are spun to work against loving family.  Can you imagine all that you've been working for - to  insure that your spouse and kids have a good future - is taken in a less than a 15-minute court-hearing? And now all your assets are in the hands of a stranger, who will use up your life savings in a heartbeat. There won't even be money left for your funeral. Victims call Guardianships a transfer of wealth.

Why haven't we all heard of it if it's as bad as it sounds?

1. Social media hasn't been around long enough for people to make some noise.
2.  When a Guardian has complete control over a loved one, your relationship with that person is based on fear. If you make waves, they can retaliate by taking it out on your loved one. So, you stay quiet and meek as a mouse.
3.  Victims are behind the eight ball. A person hearing their story for the first time will look at them suspiciously,  One can't help but wonder:  What did they do or what's wrong with them that a Judge nullified their Power of Attorney? If it was as easy as they said it happened, that means it could happen to us. So honestly, it's easier to turn a blind eye and think we're safe or our parents are safe, because they had their Advanced Directives drawn out when they were of full mind and body.

Truth of the matter is - this could happen to you. Never in a million years did I think this could happen to my family! Two years later, I'm still in total disbelief. I needed an attorney to keep a GPS bracelet off of my Mom. She legally has less rights than a prisoner. And thousands of dollars later, I still can't get her out of this damaging situation. As Baby Boomers get older, the Wild Wild West World of loosely written laws that benefit those that stand to make the most money, will be stronger than ever. 

A lot of old school media is fearful to cover the issue of Guardianships, because it isn't a one-tiered story. The layers of ruin run deep in the field of "liquidate, isolate, medicate". There are so many areas that need to be vetted in such a litigious society, that some media feel the story isn't worth the trouble it could bring.

But, with the Sarasota Herald-Tribune's fearless coverage of Guardianship abuse, written by Barbara Peters-Smith, other media outlets will have the courage to follow suit. Sharyl Attkisson did an incredibly expose when she was with CBS News.

Our awareness campaign begins with us. We would like for you to make a sign (or copy/paste a symbol) that shows you are aware of these violations against an elder's human and civil rights. That you won't allow it to happen to your friends, your loved ones - or even yourself in the future. You do not want your kids to go through watching all your constitutional rights stripped from you, as well as all your possessions.

Your sign can read something just as simple as "END ELDER ABUSE" or "No to Guardianship Abuse in MY hometown." If you know someone who is suffering as a result of this abuse, you can put their name on your sign as a show of support. Place the picture in your profile picture and ask your friends to either share or post their own. Only through awareness and exposure will these laws - that allow legal advanced directives to be voided as easy as if it were a  traffic citation -  to change.

My Mom, who is under the Guardianship of a multi-million dollar non-profit corporation, Lutheran Services Florida, told me that if you're unhappy with something, you use your mouth to talk (you don't destroy and loot). If they don't listen, you talk louder. And if they're still not listening, you get more voices to make more noise.  Moms are always right.  The awareness campaign begins Dec. 8 and runs through the month.

For more information on this cause, go to Florida Guardianship Laws Talking Points.

For more information on Guardianship Abuse, go to National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse or Boomers Against Elder Abuse.

A public relations firm will work to get the cause national publicity outside of social media. Together, we'll end this Holocaust of America's most vulnerable citizens - our elderly - and us, when we get there. We deserve better. America deserves better.

Guardianship Awareness Campaign to Protect Your Family

Florida Guardianship Law's Talking Points' Facebook Page

NASGA's Facebook Page

Boomers Against Elder Abuse's Facebook Page

CBS News:  Guardianship Agency Costs Elderly Woman Dearly*
*NASGA worked with CBS News on this report. 


Anonymous said...

Thank you for helping bring this evil put of unawareness. The American Public needs to be aware of
the abuse and exploitation to fraud inflicted upon our lderly citizens.
Thank you and CBS to bring this out into the open. Wherre do we post our signatures to this report?? eb

Mary said...

I hope a lot of people participate!

NASGA Member said...

Good going Julie! I commend your effort.

Sylvia Rudek said...

Deep appreciation to the Sarasota Herald - Tribune for shining the bright light of truth. Awareness is critical to warn the public what's waiting for them. Most people believe their advance directives will be honored and respected. Wrong assumption case after case study will show Durable Power of Attorneys for Health Care and Property will be discarded many times based on allegations, false information with intent to rush to establish a case to ensure billing will be auto approved by the court, all paid for by: the ward and then the taxpayers are left with the burden of MEDICAID.

Guardianship churns people into products to feed the probate machine most often at taxpayer expense in the rush to deplete the estate via MEDICAID

see NASGA's Open Letter to Congress and the White House: The Fleecing of Medicaid and the Taxpayers