Friday, January 16, 2015

Former Family Court judge disbarred, awaits fraud sentence

LAS VEGAS (AP) — A former Nevada state court judge has been disbarred ahead of sentencing next month to what is expected to be a 27 months in federal prison after pleading guilty in a fraud case.

Steven Jones's defense attorney, Robert Draskovich, on Tuesday characterized the disbarment order issued Friday by Nevada Supreme Court as a formality and a fulfillment of his client's promise in a plea deal reached in September.

Prosecutors dropped 19 conspiracy, fraud and money laundering charges in return for Jones' guilty plea to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

The 56-year-old Jones resigned from the bench after pleading guilty, and submitted his petition for disbarment after 30 years as a lawyer in Nevada, including 22 years as a Clark County Family Court judge in Las Vegas.

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Former Family Court judge disbarred, awaits fraud sentence

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Barbara said...

30 years as a lawyer and 22 as a judge, and how long has he been corrupt? How many lives and families has he destroyed?

Anonymous said...

I am sure there will be a big celebration upon his trip to jail.

B Inberg said...

Talk about a crook and a liar Steven Jones what a piece of work a man with a criminal mind wearing a judicial robe how many lives has he ruined? I can't imagine how the victims are feeling this is justice? I don't think so how to fix the messes he enabled and created? I hope he ROTS and comes out feet straight up in a trash can. SHAME SHAME SHAME he belongs in a cage federal prison can be way too easy and way to sweet.

I have to wonder about those who had to know Steven Jones was on the take.

Anonymous said...

--just following-up on Jd Jones's disposition;I'm up in MO now (2yrs c Breast CA)--away from that Hitlerville-Fm Court of allowed legal abuse that confiscated every penny of mine & my elderly mother (deceased) trying to help me & justice prove justice. All's been taken from me, like two of my homes, now 3, my retirement annuities, my autos, my lively-hood buisness, my job, two homes, our bank acts, my furniture & personal belonging left inside my own home which got court-ordered, yet sold to official connections-gang, my grandmother's heirlooms, a significant burglaries, c all proceeds given to "The" driving atty. The FBI called me in for interviews--then, back 20 yrs ago. The Divorce actions got appealed to the State Supreme Court & then I became a Paralegal/UNLV on food-stamps & homeless at one point, to learn about how legality operates under a "Family" Court--esp. when the parties were required to go to court, who were elderly & without children, & "The driving atty" became the Campaign Manager,(also was Chair of the State Bar), for JD Jones! How did the two legal reps begin, what did they initially say to each other at the bench,(?): "Your Honer, you know she's a Veteran? Reply: "Yes I know". Neither has served, what do they know about honor or Civil ways & what does it matter that I served during the Vietnam War--for NV? My life & many other females lives have been ruined, & now Soc. Security tells me when I hit 65 that there is a fraudulant Divorce Decree filed, & I'm not even divorced today!!! I'm told by them to return to court for some legal document. Now my current home of 19 yrs was Mortgage Scammed away c wrongful foreclosure & sold by way of India & the LV Mortgage lady. that The Atty Gens have won class-action lawsuits, but I'm too sick to finish their paperwork. So, after near 50 yrs of living & Nursing there, I found no legal or City Hall help. I guess I got run OOT. The St Bar did not refund all the legal fees I paid to incompetent lawyers either-but they have my professional reports of complaints & the violations of due process. I'm still broke but happy to be out of there.
Thanks for keeping me posted. Carolyn Williams