Saturday, January 24, 2015

Man pleads guilty in dehydration death of mother

Ronald Goodwin
MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A 56-year-old Memphis man entered a guilty plea in the death of his mother.

Prosecutors said Jackie Goodwin, 72, died of dehydration and malnutrition in May of 2012.

Police said her son, Ronald, called 911 saying his mother was non-responsive in her Cherry Road home.

A medical examiner determined she had been dead at least 18 hours when she was found, “lying on her back in a pile of trash and covered with insects and feces. She had a large ulcer on her back that penetrated to her spine.”

Goodwin also pleaded guilty to two counts of theft of property, because prosecutors found he’d withdrawn several thousand dollars from his mother’s bank account.

The money was supposed to be used for his mother’s care, but he used it for himself.

Investigators said utilities had been cut off for non-payment and, “there was no sign in the home that her prescribed medications had ever been purchased.”

Goodwin was sentenced in Criminal Court to 20 years in prison with no chance for parole for the death for the second-degree murder charge.

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Man pleads guilty in dehydration death of mother


Connie said...

Sickening. How can someone hurt his Mother so?

Anonymous said...

When my mother arrived in Houston in the first week of September, 2011 she weighed 98 pounds. She now lives with my family. Since quickly returning to her normal weight, she has consistently weighed more than 120 pounds at her numerous doctor visits. She is an enthusiastic eater. There was no excuse for it.