Thursday, January 29, 2015

Nursing Home Abuse Advocate

Nursing Home Abuse Advocates (NHAA) was formed to help individuals and family members of nursing home residents be informed about their legal rights regarding abuse and neglect of their loved ones.

Questions arise from abuse and neglect of the elderly living in nursing homes. Questions such as, why does my father or mother have bed sores or how did my mother fall and break her hip? We are here to help assist you in finding those answers and putting you in touch with someone who can help you recover and hopefully put an end to abuse and neglect of the elderly.
NHAA has compiled some common Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect situations:
  1. Malnutrition and dehydration
  2. Decubitus ulcers a/k/a bedsores or pressure sores
  3. Sexual abuse by other residents and/or employees
  4. Falls caused by mishandling and lack of attention
  5. Failure to follow medical and physical treatment plans
  6. Failure to contact physician for emergencies and non-emergencies
  7. Unexpected DEATH


Betty said...

Thank you NASGA. This looks like something I'll check into.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate all the work NASGA puts into this blog.