Saturday, January 24, 2015

Police: Sarasota home health aide stole thousands from elderly client

A home health is arrested for stealing thousands of dollars from her elderly client.

Megan Craig, 25, was a home health aide for Youthful Aging in Sarasota, Fl.

Officials say Craig began working as a caregiver to the 91-year-old victim, who suffers from age related dementia, in the Fall of 2013.

Craig was responsible for providing the victim with her medication, errand running, grocery shopping and basic cleaning around the house.

When grocery items and other things that needed to be purchased, Craig would take the victim to the store. The victim would purchase the items using his/her credit card.

According to an arrest affidavit, Craig slowly started signing for purchases while the victim was there and progressed to making purchases, using the victim's credit card, while the victim was not present.

While Craig was authorized to make purchases for the victim, officials say, she was only allowed to purchase grocery items and medication for the victim.

It was the victim's daughter in law who contacted officials with receipts and transactions that showed Craig began to purchase gifts cards in various amounts between May-August 2014.

According to the affidavit, Craig is accused of making more than 30 purchases at Publix stores between May and August 2014 totaling more than $3,900, as well as 10 gift cards at Walmart stores.

In all, officials have accounted for $4,926.11 in unauthorized gift cards believed to have been purchased, by Craig, using the victim's credit card.

Officials have charged Craig with felony exploitation of an elderly person.

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Police: Sarasota home health aide stole thousands from elderly client

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Connie said...

Wonder if the home health agency did a background check before hiring her?