Friday, January 23, 2015

Two new programs help the elderly, children

CLEARFIELD — Two new initiatives will help protect both the elderly and children in Clearfield County.

Lawrence Township Police Chief Mark Brooks discussed two new programs taking place in Clearfield.

The first is the establishment of an elder abuse task force. Brooks said the program is part of a drive by the district attorney’s office to combat crimes against the elderly and children. He said the two biggest crimes against the elderly are identity theft and physical/mental abuse by a family member or a care taker.

Brooks said the effort is a collaboration between agencies, law enforcement and professionals who are trained in dealing with these types of crimes. He said by combining resources, the initiative will help speed up responses and investigations.

Brooks said the Clearfield County Area Agency on Aging approached the township, Clearfield Borough and nearly all other local and state law enforcement agencies.

“It’s still in its beginning phases but these types of crimes don’t just happen in one area. The perpetrators of these crimes know no boundaries and they know no boundaries or jurisdictions,” Brooks said.

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Two new programs help the elderly, children

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Ricky said...

Sounds good. The elderly and children are both vulnerable.