Monday, February 2, 2015

Dothan man heads to prison, faces 2nd trial for exploiting the elderly

Williams admitted a few weeks ago that he exploited the elderly in Coffee County, and court documents show he took $8,000.00 from a woman who paid him to do yard work.

"Willie entered what we call a best interest plea. It was just in his best interest to go ahead and take this deal,” said Clay Wadsworth, Williams' attorney.

Williams was sentenced to 20 years and was ordered to serve three years in prison, followed by probation. If he doesn't comply with court orders and pay the money back he could go back to prison.

"We just had some issues with the case, and Mr. Williams understood what was going on, and with him being a habitual offender, it was just in his best interest to go ahead and take this plea,” Wadsworth said.

"We're satisfied, the victim and her family are satisfied, and we are very serious about people that exploit our elderly. We feel like we're going to prosecute them every chance we get,” said John Folmar, the assistant district attorney for the 12th Judicial Circuit.

Williams must now be tried in Geneva, where he's accused of doing the same thing to two other women.

"Often times, the elderly are more trusting, often times, they have pools of money, hard earned savings they need for their care, and we're serious about people that come and take advantage of them," Folmar said.

And while Williams' sentence could have been more harsh, Folmar said it sends a message: taking advantage of senior citizens isn't taken lightly.

Williams will stand trial in Geneva County in March.

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