Monday, March 30, 2015

Company accused of sending uncertified health aides to homes of elderly clients

New Jersey has moved to suspend the license of a home health care agency because it alleges a recent inspection showed falsified records about the qualifications of many of its employees.

New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, Office of Consumer Protection, announced today it is seeking to is suspend the registration of Precious Hands LLC of West Orange or having sent uncertified workers to patients' homes. Many of those patients are elderly or disabled.

In addition, the state's allegations include the charge the company had no Director of Nursing on staff, but rather used three names of nurses - all of whom told the state they never worked there or even knew their names were being used.

The violations the state noted involved employee training records and patient treatment plans. There were no allegations of patient mistreatment.

UPDATE: Company to appeal order; says all aides are certified

For all 19 of its employees, the company allegedly failed to verify whether they were licensed or registered by the Board of Nursing, failed to verify their employment history, and failed to maintain other required employee records, according to the state.

For 14 out of 15 clients, the company failed to draft a 30-day plan of care or conduct 60-day evaluations of patient needs, as required.

In addition, it sent 23 uncertified workers to the homes of seven clients, according to the allegations.

The company could not be reached for comment.

In the wake of the deficiencies that turned up in the state inspection, Division of Consumer Affairs Acting Director Steve Lee signed a order fining the company $2,000 and suspending its registration for six months, beginning April 6.

At the end of that six-month suspension, the company would have to prove it had corrected the alleged violations, including the hiring of "a legitimate Director of Nursing," the agency stated. The company would be able to resume business if the violations are corrected .

Residents who need to hire help for themselves or a relative can consult the Division's guide to the process, available here.

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Company accused of sending uncertified health aides to homes of elderly clients

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Suspend the license, fine them heavily and encourage those clients to file suit against the company.