Saturday, March 14, 2015

Going Home: Linda Kaye Bous

Thanks to the sunshine of the Sarasota-Herald Tribune, Linda Bous was freed from guardianship and got to go home - unsure what she find when she got there, but knowing she wouldn't find her beloved pets, which were taken from her when she became a ward of the State of Florida:

Going Home:  Linda Kaye Bous"

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Johnny said...

Can she find out what happened to her pets? If the guardian put them down, the guardian should be charged with animal cruelty and elder abuse.

Jane said...

I am so glad she got her freedom, but what did she come home to? And guardianship is supposed to conserve her assets, not deplete them.

Liz said...

I pray she gets her pets back.

Anonymous said...

Sarasota-Herald Tribune staff, this victim would have endured hell you can't imagine for the rest of her life if you hadn't helped rescue her. You did something very few others in the media are willing to do.