Friday, March 13, 2015

Listening to Those Rarely Heard

This video is part of a training package developed for a group of people who know someone with a severe to profound intellectual disability well. It is designed to be focused around someone who may be facing a particular decision, either now, or into the future. Embedded within this package is a framework used to guide supporters through a process of supported decision making with people with Severe to Profound Intellectual Disabilities (Watson, 2010).

The package has been developed by Jo Watson and Rhonda Joseph from Scope Victoria, Australia and has been funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services (Disability Services). It has been filmed, scripted and directed by McClure Multimedia. The package consists of a PowerPoint presentation (Watson & Joseph, 2011) which includes facilitators notes, this training video (Watson & Joseph, 2011) and a workshop booklet.
The package has been piloted over 6 months with various families, and is now published. It can be obtained from Scope.

Listening to Those Rarely Heard


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