Sunday, March 15, 2015

Rana Goodman: Guardianship Bill SB262 Finally a Reality

This is a link to the complete bill that is intended to replace the existing guardianship bill.

As I have said all along, although many changes need to be made to the Family Court system, removing the residency requirement was a starting point for each and every victim family member that Dan and I have been working with these long months.

Thanks to the support of all of you that have signed the petitions and backed us up, our voices WERE HEARD, it has been done and much more.

Each time we spoke with the legislators working on this issue, each time we wrote about it in the paper, we pushed things that needed to be fixed.

This week in Carson City we thought it would be more of the same, but it was so gratifying to see all of that work become an actual bill.

Dan and I went to Carson City armed with copies of The Vegas Voice, we were pleasantly surprised to see copies on the desks of most of the legislators we had come to lobby. It seems guardianship was a hot topic.

By the time we arrived for our appointment at the Attorney General's office and sat down to talk, Mr. Winne flipped open his file and copies of the paper were clipped inside there too.

Dan and I glanced at each other wondering if that was good or bad and Mr. Winne said that it was the constant stories in the paper that brought the investigation forward. At this point they are collecting information from all the victims they can.

Full Article and Source:
Guardianship Bill SB262 Finally A Reality


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Betty said...

Rana, I have followed your hard work and want to thank you for all you're doing to support the victims in Nevada.

Anonymous said...

The power of the people! Thank you Rana and The Vegas Voice!

Mike said...

Well done, Rana. Thank you.

Selena said...

Pat yourself on the back, Rana Goodman. What you're doing will help future generations avoid guardianship abuse.