Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Vegas Voice: Proposed Nevada Reforms

Rana and I will be making the rounds to our legislature in Carson City.

Dan Roberts
We promise to let you know which of our elected officials will step-up and help.

We also promise to let you know which blow us off.

The Vegas Voice has proposed five very simple, easy reforms that would resolve a great deal of this guardianship scandal.

They are:
1. Repeal the requirement that a family member must be a resident of Nevada to be appointed as a guardian.
2. Family members and/or those named in a power of attorney, joint bank account, trust or will be given preferential standing over a private guardian in the appointment of a guardian.
3. Establish a cost effective, transparent and consistent process to define the mental competency of the senior. A neurologist in conjunction with the senior’s primary physician should be required for guardianship to be approved.
4. Mandate a complete and accurate initial inventory of all assets, as well as quarterly filing of all financial expenditures - with enforcement penalties for non-compliance.
5. Establish an independent commission or authority to audit and enforce financial accountability of the senior’s estate once any guardian is appointed.

Full Article and Source:
The Vegas Voice: Special Report, Part II: Now Get Angry


Lisa said...

I appreciate all the good work you and Rana Goodman are doing, Mr. Roberts.

Jamie said...

These proposals make good common sense to me.

NASGA member said...

I hope you can get it done!

Anonymous said...

You and Rana are heros!