Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Vegas Voice: Special Report, Part II, GUARDIANSHIP - NOW GET ANGRY!

"You’re my last hope. Please help me."

I can repeat the words, and even detail the chilling circumstances of this person who called Rana to discuss her guardianship nightmare. But I will never be able to adequately convey the fear and desperation fin the caller’s voice.

Last month, The Vegas Voice published its “Special Report” concerning the Nevada guardianship laws. The response has been overwhelming and unprecedented.

Political Editor Rana Goodman and yours truly did not know what to expect from our articles, although we anticipated that the private guardian backlash would be intense and fierce.

While we were indeed inundated from just about everybody – no one said we were wrong.

No one.

There were a few: “Yes, the guardianship laws need to be reformed, but...”

However there was not a single attorney, not a government official, nor a private for-profit guardian that disputed the contents of what we reported.

I know what you’re thinking – perhaps the private guardian industry has no idea what was in The Vegas Voice and therefore couldn’t object or defend their actions.

Believe me, they all knew. ...And then there was that anonymous mass email sent by a private guardian advising his fellow guardians in part: “It appears that the victims are finally joining ranks and exposing some of our issues. Time to clean up our ranks."


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Lisa said...

Thank you once again The Vegas Voice. You are a voice for the elderly.

Jamie said...

I agree. The Vegas Voice for the elderly is getting louder every day!

NASGA member said...

Thank you for advocating for the elderly!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all you're doing Vegas Voice!