Thursday, March 5, 2015

Throw Back Thursday from 2009: Is Kathleen Simane Now Kathy Larson?

NASGA recently received a comment to a post from July 22, 2009 which reminded us that every once in a while, we should participate in "Throw Back Thursdays."

The comment: Anonymous said...
"This diabolical person, whose name I don't want coming out of my mouth, has bullied and harassed her neighbors and landlords and people she barely knows. There is a path of devastation and chaos, with numerous victims in Minnesota, wherever K.S. goes. Her pattern is very predictable- if you challenge her, question her or tell her NO, she files a restraining order on you with false claims or she files an erroneous police report against you.  Filing restraining orders all willy nilly would be quite costly for the average person. Is she using the welfare system to her advantage? Perhaps.

I believe there is a bright side to everything. I am sincerely happy that a number of her victims have found each other. This site has proved immensely helpful in getting all the victims together. Please if you have any dealings with her, beware and be aware. One second you think she would never hurt you, the next second she is calling law enforcement because she says you have threatened her life. I heard her say in court that Sundowner Retrievers is NOT a business. Why lie about a business you are promoting? Why does she have recent ads promoting the business via the internet and her newly improved advertising on the truck? What is the reason she lies about Sundowner Retrievers? Fraud?

She is a con artist that does not care who she hurts or what she lies about. I used to be surprised that Greg Larson stayed with her through all the drama that she fabricates. Either he has the same criminal mind or he knows what she is capable of and is afraid of her...?" 

The original post:

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StandUp said...

It's amazing people would search and find posts that old. The NASGA Blog is a library on guardianship and elder abuse!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a real piece of work!

helensniece said...

Good question from 2009 with many answers to current date of March 5, 2015 depending on the situation, the minute of every day that Kathleen A. Simane aka Kathy Sinmane aka Kathy Larson a convicted felon on probation who is hiding from her background for a self-serving reason and current situation by using the alias Kathy Larson with no consequences for her actions.


1) What is the State of Minnesota doing about this?

2) What is the State of Wisconsin doing about this?

Who knew, what did they know, when did they know and what if anything they did about it?

No consequences for a convicted felon on probations actions enables the convicted felon to continue on her path of: predator and her prey.

How many new victims and their family's of Kathy Larson aka Kathleen Simane in the state of Minnesota?