Sunday, March 15, 2015

Tonight on T.S. Radio: Gerald's Story: Nursing Home and Drug Abuse of an Elderly Man

Patrice Gilgan joins us this evening to expose the abuse and drugging of her father at the hands of doctors and nursing home workers in two different facilities in Orange County, California. 

The first instance of abuse both physical and with drugs occurred at Irvin Cottage Board and Care where Gerald had been sent to recover from brain surgery.  Gerald was drugged within 24 hours of admittance to the home with massive doses of Haldol, Seroqel and overdosed on morphine.  There was no prescription for the morphine.  Cottage Board and Care is operated by St Joseph Hospice, a Catholic enterprise.

At a second facility, Villa Valencia Skilled Nursing, (a St Michael Hospice and another Catholic owned  enterprise), Gerald was given 7 different drugs.  None of these drugs were to be used on brain injured or individuals suffering from dementia.  When Gerald was finally freed from this facility and hospitalized again, it took more than two weeks for him to respond due to the massive drug overload in his system.

Videos of Gerald, and of some of the abuse he endured are available on the you tube channel;  Ireland Dallas.

Gerald Gilgan was a retired New York City Fire Fighter. 

This man did not deserve this callous treatment.  No one does.  Yet it happens to the elderly every day here in the US.

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