Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Convicted Attorney Who Had Been Avoiding Sentencing Arrested, Held With No Bond

Emily Elizabeth Cohen (credit: Boulder Police Department)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – A Boulder County lawyer found guilty of taking thousands of dollars from vulnerable people and had been avoiding sentencing has been arrested.

Emily Cohen didn’t show up to another sentencing hearing on Monday. CBS4 learned she had checked herself into rehab at a medical facility for a second time. She was discharged from one on Saturday, and then Monday morning she checked herself in again.

According to the Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, Cohen was arrested Thursday morning in Colorado Springs and is being held in the El Paso County Jail until she can be moved to Boulder County. She will remain in custody because she’s being held with no bond.

“We just need to get her in court and in front of the judge and she can be sentenced at that time,” District Attorney Stan Garnett said on Monday.

Cohen has known her sentence was coming since being convicted on 13 counts of felony theft in December.

During the investigation more than 50 people, most of them immigrants, came forward saying they had hired Cohen for work permits or visas, paid her thousands, and never got any help.

The past four months have seen a variety of legal maneuvering by Cohen, including changing defense lawyers several times, and simply not showing up to her sentencing hearing.

“It’s hard for victims when there’s not closure in a case. The victims, and there’s quite a number of them in this case, have been cooperative and patient,” Garnett said.

On Monday Cohen’s current attorney tried to recuse herself from the case.

Cohen is facing six years in prison.

The judge on Monday issued a warrant for Cohen’s arrest. It’s not clear how she was found.

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Convicted Attorney Who Had Been Avoiding Sentencing Arrested, Held With No Bond


Stephanie said...

I just don't understand why a lawyer would go bad like this because a lawyer understands the consequences more than most people.

Anonymous said...

Oh as always they go to rehab the rest of the world goes to prison! The Judicial system in the USA is broken! when will it be fixed! who is in charge of fixing it!!!

Anonymous said...

My guess is that disreputable lawyers lose sight of this when a crime of opportunity arises. No doubt they assume that as lawyers they'll be able to manipulate their way out of it, using their legal expertise to do it.