Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Editorial: County Guardianship System a Disgrace

To the editor:

I am in a state of shock after reading the article on Clark County’s private guardianship system (“The power to help, the power to abuse,” April 12 Review-Journal). I loved Nevada for its sunshine and care of elders. I bragged about this state for retirees. Little did I know what was going on behind closed doors. Disgusting.To think so many people here have known about the guardianship system for years and kept their mouths shut about the corruption. It took one woman to bring this all to the front and demand it be told, and finally the newspaper brought it out, too.

To find not even background checks are required to become a guardian? How crazy can you get to let this take place?  I thought I was safe and tried to prepare with a will and a trust to keep my children in the know, only to find out none of this would be any good because they live out of state.

I am 82 years old, on oxygen and could trip and fall, and land myself in the hospital, then find myself taken over by a guardian, and there would be nothing my children could do to control it. The county-appointed guardian could spend my money and sell my house. This keeps sounding crazier by the minute.

Now the county gives garbage excuses — they didn’t know and complaints weren’t followed up on. Did county officials not have the guts to suggest we might change the laws? Was there payoff to the people who helped to implement this? The only suggestion I could give to seniors is to move out of state.


Letters:  County Guardianship System a Disgrace


Shrimpy said...

Thank you for speaking out!

Anonymous said...

Disgrace is a good word for it. And people are outraged. Something had better happen and soon.

Anonymous said...

Sadly and tragically this is happening across the country in every state. Where can one move to be safe from the government and these private thieves? With trillions of money at risk over the next decade or so, this will continue to happen unless we, the people, stand now and demand change. Sadly, no change happens in this country unless the people demand it. So much for the elected puppet figures, owned by big business. No such thing as a democracy anymore. It's disgusting.

Mpls, MN