Saturday, April 4, 2015

Home health worker accused of bilking elderly lady of $13,000

Shirley Marie Scott Lockey
MAXTON — A Maxton woman is accused of taking thousands of dollars from an elderly woman for whom she worked as a caretaker.

Shirley Marie Scott Lockey is facing charges of misdemeanor financial card fraud, exploiting a disabled or elderly person and 20 counts of felony financial card fraud, according to Maxton police Capt. Jamie Oxendine, who investigated the case.

According to Oxendine, Lockey, 51, was working as a private home health care worker for an 88-year-old woman and used the woman’s debit card to withdraw money from account.

“This case started back in July 2014 and the last dates that we know this was occurring would have been January 2015,” Oxendine said. During that time, about $13,000 was fraudulently obtained, he said.

“With help from the banks that were involved, we were able to get this together,” Oxendine said of the lengthy investigation.

Lockey, of U.S. 501 in Maxton, was jailed under an $80,000 secured bond.

Oxendine said the Maxton Police Department has started a Facebook page to keep residents informed about crime in the area. Arrests and information about wanted suspects will be posted on the page, titled “Maxton PD,” Oxendine said.

“We ask our citizens to go on that page and report crime and become more familiar with the events going on here,” he said.

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Home health worker accused of bilking elderly lady of $13,000


Finny said...

She should serve some jail time, be forced to pay restitution plus interest and do community service.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Jail time is a Must, NO plea Deals & she should pay back every penny!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't trust home health care workers. Make sure the agency does a background check on them.

Anonymous said...

Home care workers were put in my parents house by a judge who should not be in any position of power. The caretakers threatened, stole and hurt my mother and me. When no one was with her but them they tried to steal a necklace and bracelet off her .the brave woman fought back. They beat her physically and sent her with lying reports to the hospital saying she was "delusional" because she said They were stealing . The hospital began to give her drugs she never took In her life. She was not delusional. I had been begging people to get these caretakers out of the house. They arrogantly knew they had protection and would not leave . My mother is innocent and very brave .She has been given psychotropic drugs she never needed and locked away from everyone she has known, assets taken,her house sold . Because she fought back evil. She is a hero. I am so proud of her. But look what they did to her . Free Paula.