Thursday, April 30, 2015

I-Team Update: Fixing a Broken System

If you need a guardian, is the system working for you?

Experts say Missouri needs to do more to protect wards, lessen workloads and give families more peace of mind

"Clearly, something is broken in Missouri," Sharon Bock said.

Bock is the clerk and comptroller for Palm Beach County, Florida. Last year, she led the charge to reform the guardianship system in her home state.

"Missouri has the responsibility to make sure that the statutes are clear, that all of the statutes are designed to be in the best interest of this person who has lost their ability to either have control of their body or control of their money," Bock said.

After profiling the guardianship case of Pauline Williams of Sikeston in February, I reached out to the state lawmakers serving Scott County to ask them if the state's guardianship system needs to be fixed.

"It just appears to be that that's something that's been overlooked,” admits State Representative Holly Rehder.

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I-Team Update:  Fixing a Broken System

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Norma said...

It appears hope is on the way for Missouri!

StandUp said...

I am happy the reporter did a second article and I also had to laugh at Representative Holly Rehder's comment that it "appears" that something has been overlooked. You think? I know she didn't mean it the way it came across and so I'm criticizing but not deeply. I'm really glad she's looking now.

Florida member said...

I appreciate what Ms. Bock is saying about MO, but it's not happening the way she's saying in Florida yet. I find that confusing.

Felicity said...

The guardian in this case should be removed for not paying the bills. No excuses can excuse this mismanagement.

Will said...

The reporter did a good job showing how Mrs. Williams' life has gone downhill since the guardian's appointment. Time for the court to do its job for Mrs. Williams and remove the guardian.

Christi said...

I agree. Great job by the reporter and it's common sense that the Mother should be with family and not a stranger.

Betty said...

This should be a no brainer for the court. The guardian is not doing her job and not doing her job has harmed her ward. The guardian should be removed and sanctioned. The story is very well done.