Monday, April 20, 2015

Illinois Legislation Update: HB2505 Passes the House, Now Introduced in the Senate!

Rep. David Harris
Rep. Michael Tryon
HB2505 was introduced into the Illinois House by Representative David Harris (R) on 2/18/15.

Synopsis As Introduced

Amends the Probate Act of 1975. Provides that a temporary guardian shall have the limited powers and duties (instead of "all of the powers and duties") of a guardian of the person or of the estate which are specifically enumerated by court order.

On 3/25/15, Representative Michael Tryon (R) signed on as Co-Sponsor.

Sen. Steve Stadelman
HB2505 was unanimously passed in the House on 4/14/15 and Senator  Steve Stadelman (D) introduced it in the Senate and is the bill's Chief Sponsor.

Guardianship abuse is a bipartisan issue.  Our readers may remember Representative Harris (R) and Senator Stadelman (D) worked together on guardianship reform legislation Senate Bill 1051 last year and that bill passed.

NASGA Members in Legislative Action

Illinois Representative David Harris Introduces Three Bills in the 2015 Legislative Session

Track the Progress of HB2505


scy 54 said...

Please tell me this is not more hog wash. "Best interest of the ward" is like the word "reasonable". Is best interest defined, exactly?

What about what the ward wants? Hello?

How is it that someone who is marginally deficient due to demential be declared 100% unable to say, "I want to live with -X- instead of being told.. will live in locked unit Y and give all 100% of everything you own to me (family petitioner/private/public/court appointed guardian)?

You as a victim -- and think of it -- the lion of the jungle doesn't seek another lion as a meal, it seeks the defenseless gazelle, antelope or other non-fighting, unsuspecting victim when it comes to main street America, light-years removed from celebrities and from hi-ball pensions.

Guardianship in my case (siblings) is criminal, despotic, retaliatory, predatory and I'm scared to death to enter the Probate corruption court to fight for my mom.

Betty said...

I am pleasantly shocked to see this kind of progress in Illinois!

StandUp said...

Thank you all involved in this legislation. Illinois is gradually moving out of the dark ages!

Sue Harmon said...

This news has me thinking first thoughts of the first human to walk on the moon Neil Armstrong July 1969, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".

Any progress in Illinois in adult guardianship is appreciated.

Thanks to the legislators Representatives Harris & Tryon and Senator Stadelman who are stepping up and joining forces to take a stand for the people not for those who profit or need constant flow of new cases to fund the state office and don't forget the OBRA special needs trust accounts available only to Public and State Guardians.

Always keep your eyes wide open on the $.....connect the dots ........$ to the $......VOTES ........and job security.

Anonymous said...

If they can do it in Illinois, where corruption is the norm, then it can be done in every state.

Greyhound said...

scy54, best interest of the ward is a decent statement, but like you say the statement can be interpreted widely. Too widely.

It really is common sense and they've taken the common sense out of it.

But, I'm glad to see efforts in Illinois bearing fruit.

Mary said...

Great progress! Thank you to all of these lawmakers.

Anonymous said...

Kudos, Rep. Harris, Rep. Tryon, and Sen. Stadelman for supporting this very important legislation. We have a serious problem in Cook County, IL, with inappropriate guardianships, and depletion of estates with legal fees and guradian fees. Please keep up the hard work to protect our elderly and disabled in Illinois!

Thank you, too, Sylvia, for your continued hard work on this issue.... what would be do without you?

Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a baby step, but still, it is a step in the right direction.