Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Marked for Destruction"

A Shockingly Powerful Story; A True Crime Exposed.
by Officer John Caravella /retired

What Adele Fraulen might have thought to be nothing more than a meaningless bad dream one night in 1935 would actually come true. At age 79 she would find herself living a nightmare -- a struggle for her life, simply because she innocently trusted the wrong professionals to help with her portion of a Million Dollar inheritance; they would steal her very existence. Her neighbors, Chris and Patricia Zurillo, would realize that Adele's life was going terribly wrong and dedicate themselves to freeing her from captivity.

“Marked For Destruction” is a rare book that exposes an ever-expanding crime against our elderly.


From the Author:


Imminent danger to the alleged incapacitated person, who is criminally and civilly innocent, begins with a court ordered pre-trial examination by an examining committee.

Court ordered examinations, and examining committee members, are controlled by statute. If indicated, the committee's examination must be comprehensive and include:

1. A physical examination;
2. A mental health examination;
3. A functional assessment;
4. A diagnosis, prognosis, and recommended course of treatment.

Read the Essay: Freedom From Interference


Sue Harmon said...

I highly recommend Marked For Destruction a book that belongs on grammar school high priority list. It's never too early to learn the dark side of our system that is being promoted as justice for all and the children into their adult years are believing what our ancestors believed in is not reality.

Reality and the way the system doesn't work in the best interest of we the people must be exposed. Til then save your money, sacrifice, deny luxuries saving for your golden years so others with self serving motives can seize you and your estate while you end up in public aid facility while your hard earned money is directed to the protection industry.

If this is your intent for your golden years, then do nothing just sit back and wait for the court room vultures HOWEVER if this is against all your plans and beliefs then you need to educate yourselves and take protective actions while joining the movement to stop this out of control system turned into a racket.

Anonymous said...

Good book! And it's a quick read.

StandUp said...

I've read it and I recommend it!