Friday, April 17, 2015

Steve Miller: Private "Guardian" Jared E. Shafer's Racket Exposed by Nevada's Largest Newspaper

For more than a year, Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Colton Lochhead has been quietly preparing a feature story on the activities of local for-hire guardian Jared E. Shafer, and the men and women who enable him and others in his racket to bilk the fortunes of helpless senior citizens and disabled people living in Southern Nevada.

In three front page stories published in the Sunday, April 12, 2015 RJ, Nevada's largest newspaper, Lochhead describes Shafer's rise from snake oil salesman to one of Sin City's leading political players, all at the expense of hapless well-to-do Las Vegas and Henderson retirees and others who had the misfortune of being "discovered" to be in need of special "help" by one of Shafer's Clark County Family Court judges.

In his stories, Colton weaves between Shafer's involvement in a Ponzi Scheme wherein he used money taken from his court appointed "wards" to enrich himself and his CPAs Bruce Gamett and Shawn King, to a strange political billboard company owned by an LLC run by Shafer's attorneys Patricia Trent and Elyse Tyrell, and managed by Shafer's assistant Amy Deittrick from his Pecos Road guardian office. A sign company that coincidentally donates or rents billboards to local judges and politicians who could - in a pinch - help Shafer maintain his power over the elderly without local or state court or government intervention.

Since 2013 when INSIDE VEGAS first attempted to schedule an interview with the shadowy guardian, he has refused to answer numerous telephone calls, emails, or faxed requests, and has held true to his lack of transparency by also refusing to talk to reporters from KTNV TV ABC News or the RJ to tell his side of this sordid story of elder exploitation - a story that if widely known could put a damper on one of Southern Nevada's most lucrative industries, retirement.

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Private "Guardian" Jared E. Shafer's Racket Exposed by Nevada's Largest Newspaper


Barbara said...

The Las Vegas Review's series was outstanding. No longer can Judge Hoskin say they're doing their best toward this issue. The series showed they're basically watching it happen.

Rachel said...

Thank you Steve Miller for staying on this like glue!

StandUp said...

I was thinking the same as Rachel. For the longest time, Steve Miller was reporting by himself and now he's got help!