Sunday, April 26, 2015

Steve Miller: There are No Criminal Penalties for Guardians Who Steal From Wards of the Court

The Lieutenant on Tuesday, April 21, told the Board of Commissioners that there are NO criminal penalties for the for-hire guardians who exploit their elderly or disabled wards.

The NRS Chapter 159 Guardianship statutes he cited detail only what and how guardians are to operate. What these statutes purposefully do not include, as most NRS statutes do, is any description of penalties, fines, or reference to how the guardians can be prosecuted or made accountable criminally for not following the statutes.

That's the catch. NRS 159 does say the "court" can have the guardian "cited," but that's it.

As the Lieutenant said to the commissioners, it's all in the "courts jurisdiction," and he is correct. However, the Family Court is obviously controlled by several crooked guardians, and people like Judges Charles Hostin, William Voy, Art Ritchie, and Commissioner Jon Norhiem have proven to ALWAYS side with the guardians and their attorneys, and won't punish them under ANY circumstances.

Also, to discourage family members from taking their court appointed guardian to court, NRS 159 allows the judges or Norheim to force the family to pay the guardian's exorbitant attorney fees if the judge or commissioner rules that the family's complaint had no merit.

How was NRS 159 enacted without penalties?

Jared Shafer owns hundreds of A-frame political advertising signs placed on vacant lots during elections. As an ex-politician, I can personally attest that you MUST have these signs in order to be elected to the assembly or state senate in Nevada. Without them, you'll likely lose the election. 

Nevada state assemblyman and senators need these signs to stay in office, and for this reason many have voted to weaken laws that could have put people like Jared Shafer behind bars many times over.

It's as though Shafer and his cronies have found a way to commit the perfect crime.

~Steve Miller

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Janice said...

Steve, you're right but there are criminal penalties for theft.