Friday, May 29, 2015

Catherine Falk Guests on Fireside Radio Show Tomorrow

Fireside will be talking with Catherine Falk, daughter of Peter Falk, America's most beloved detective, Lt. Columbo. 

Catherine will be telling us what her dad was like in real life and of "The Catherine Falk Organization," whose mission is to facilitate and advocate legislation for parental visitation rights in every state and provide various resources for those currently seeking visitation in a state that does not have legislation.

Saturday, May 30  11 am - 1 pm

Click the "LISTEN LIVE" button to hear the show


Finny said...

She will be a great advocate, I can feel it.

Rachel said...

I remember when all of this took place and it was so tragic. I'm glad Catherine has taken up the cause!

Sue Harmon said...

Great job Catherine you are your father's daughter, his voice and the voice for all who have been and are being silenced. Thank you!

Cheryl said...

I listened to the show today and I was very impressed. Catherine Falk is a non-celebrity celebrity and she came across very true hearted.

StandUp said...

So glad to see Catherine advocating for the cause.