Saturday, May 23, 2015

Fox Guards the Chicken Coop

Clark County commissioners acted with urgency this week implementing the guardian compliance hotline. All persons damaged by Clark County’s lack of oversight of guardianship cases can report their damages to 702-671-4614.

However, the alternative option is recommended in order to provide evidence for future guardianship hearings. That is, email your complaint to guardianshipcompliance Emailing provides evidence of your complaint to Clark County courts not afforded by calling in a complaint.

The emailed and phoned-in complaints go to the attention of Clark County Courts Assistant Administrator Tim Andrews. Attorney Andrews’ position with the Clark County courts is significant and material to his oversight of any cases, including guardianship, due to his employment history.

Prior to becoming Assistant Court Administrator, attorney Andrews worked as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of Nevada Office of the Attorney General. In this capacity, attorney Andrews was housed in Las Vegas, handling litigation in Clark County courts. Attorney Andrews experienced firsthand knowledge of the problems occurring in Clark County courts.

One such problem occurring in the Clark County courts was with staff attorney Jillian Prieto. Attorney Prieto sat on a subcommittee regarding handling of child abuse evidence. In June 2010, as a member of the subcommittee, Attorney Prieto heard public testimony of Clark County courts destroying child abuse evidence. By 2011, LVMPD (Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department) investigated attorney Prieto regarding the illegal destruction of evidence. In LVMPD’s report, attorney Prieto confesses she knows Clark County courts destroy child abuse evidence.

Assistant Court Administrator Andrews was responsible for attorney Prieto’s activities. Attorney Andrews’ boss, Court Administrator Steve Grierson, refuses to disclose Clark County courts’ criminal activity because he is implicated in the activity. Administrator Grierson inserted into child abuse case files, documents stating the children’s abuse evidence is “illegible” rather than stating the evidence has been destroyed.

Regardless of his position with Clark County or State of Nevada, attorney Andrews is held to the standard of all licensed attorneys in Nevada as described in NRS 11. NRS11.207Malpractice actions against attorneys and veterinarians.

2. This time limitation is tolled for any period during which the attorney or veterinarian conceals any act, error or omission upon which the action is founded and which is known or through the use of reasonable diligence should have been known to the attorney or veterinarian.

Attorney Andrews is accountable for disclosing criminal activity of which he “knows or should have known” in his employment. However, attorney Andrews shows a history of refusing to disclose criminal activity. Six months into his job as Assistant Court Administrator, attorney Andrews was called to the witness stand to testify about the courts’ criminal activity. Attorney Andrews refused testimony even though taking an oath to tell the whole truth.

By 2013, State of Nevada’s Attorney General memorialized on public record the Office’s knowledge of Clark County courts’ criminal activity. This knowledge “should have been known” to Deputy Attorney General Andrews housed in Clark County as a state of Nevada litigator.

History may repeat itself where attorney Andrews is concerned regarding guardianship cases. As both a staff attorney general and assistant court administrator, attorney Andrews contributes to the guardianship problems by not disclosing the negligence in their oversight.

Guardianship cases are overseen by Clark County court employee Jon Norheim. Mr. Norheim is housed at the Family Division of the Clark County District Courts located at Bonanza and Pecos in Las Vegas. This court is overseen by attorney Andrews. Mr. Norheim has been documented a dozen times to have cancelled child abuse case proceedings.

Recently, Clark County Commissioners Chair Steve Sisolak and Vice Chair Larry Brown have called for the investigation of Jon Norheim in guardianship cases. Both commissioners have voiced the need for prosecution of Jon Norheim if warranted.

If attorney Andrews continues in his nondisclosure of criminal activity, the damaged parties have recourse. The parties have already submitted numerous reports to the FBI Las Vegas field office, which has jurisdiction and authority over Tim Andrews. FBI agent Joseph Dickey has memorialized his knowledge of Clark County courts’ criminal activity.

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Fox Guards the Chicken Coop


Finny said...

I'm not sure why this article is going after this Andrews guy. It was Commissioner Norheim and Family Court Judge Charles Hoskin who were the running the show and who should be held accountable.
Andrews hasn't had a chance to mess up since this new hotline was put in place so going after him seems premature.

Kim said...

I agree with Finny. As much as I don't trust anyone with the court, let's give this guy a chance do to the job before going after him.

Anonymous said...

I agree as well, but I think it's always good to have the inside skinny too so we can be watchful.

Tom said...

I think anyone involved in the Clark Co. courts in any way is watching everything they do. It's a real coup for victims and for NASGA.

jerri said...

the scramble is in full force talk about trying to cya too bad and its too late the racket connect the dots.......$......left elephant tracks

jerri said...

the scramble is in full force talk about trying to cya too bad and its too late the racket connect the dots.......$......left elephant tracks