Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Hercules man stole $300,000 from elderly mother, police say

HERCULES -- A 54-year-old man was arrested Thursday morning after police discovered that he stole more than $300,000 from his own mother and spent some of it at casinos, police said.

Angel Robert Garcia, 54, of Hercules, used his mother's personal information to access her bank account, according to a news release from Hercules police. Garcia created multiple fake accounts and used them at several local businesses and casinos throughout California, police said.

Police searching Garcia's Hercules home Thursday morning found electronic devices and documentation that linked to the investigation.

Garcia's mother, an 84-year-old woman who was not identified by police, reported fraudulent activity in her bank account in March, police said.

Garcia was arrested on suspicion of financial elder abuse, forgery, grand theft, unauthorized access to computers and check fraud. He is being held at County Jail in Martinez on $215,000 bail.

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Hercules man stole $300,000 from elderly mother, police say


StandUp said...

So sad that someone could do that to their own mother.

Damian said...

I hope he has to pay it all back in addition to jail time. What an embarrassment he is to his family

Anonymous said...

This man is the son from hell!

Anonymous said...

The Devil's Spawn!! Sickening! You rarely see anything being done about protecting the elderly! Some cover up making them look good w/bogus stories & lies that they are just helping their elderly loved ones. And if siblings or other family members find out about them committing elder abuse they start getting all mad like a whore or as*hole & twisting the story around making their sibling ot family members who found them out, look bad!. Hey at least the ones who found out the abuser don't have "horns" on their heads or "fangs" sticking out! Burn in hell all you who steal from Elderly parents, isolate them ftom other family members & steal other family members" inheritance!