Friday, May 8, 2015

Police, State Probe Complaints Against Atlanta Nursing Home

There are new concerns about the quality of care at a Metro Atlanta nursing home. As police investigate the injury of one patient, 11Alive News has found other families who have complaints about the care of their loved ones.

11Alive's Duffie Dixon broke this story a few weeks ago. Now, a tragic development: the patient at the center of the investigation has died. As investigators wait for the official autopsy reports, police are looking into whether the nursing home contributed to her death.

Seventy-seven-year-old Carol Sheppard was bedridden and a full-time resident at the New London Healthcare Center. In April, she was rushed to the hospital where she was treated for a three-inch gash on the side of her head and bleeding on the brain.

"In my 15 years I've never seen anything like that," Snellville Detective O.J. Concepcion said after they were asked to investigate.

Doctors also found a bedsore that went to the bone, severely ingrown toenails, and overall poor hygiene. The poor care included an open wound on the back of her hand where a bandage hadn't been changed for days.

"It's gruesome," Carol Sheppard's grandson, Ryan Sheppard said. He moved her to another care facility in hopes she would recover. It was too late. She died three weeks later.
"The doctors said she suffered some sort of traumatic event," he said.

The staff at New London Healthcare Center has not explained how a woman unable to speak or move on her own was so badly injured and was found in such poor condition.

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Investigation:  Police, State Probe Nursing Home Complaints


Steve said...


Norma said...

My heart breaks for this family and what happened to Carol Sheppard. This is a good lesson as well: if you have a family member in a facility and that person can't talk, he/she is easy prey for predators.

helensniece said...

HIPPA violation my a** close that torture camp down and all need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws NO MERCY!

Thank the news media for taking these stories to the public.

Passing inspections I could tell you how that goes due to a personal situation the cover up is a pattern of operation most of the time and what is the incentive for the state to accept the excuses of how a resident was injured is the key to breaking the case wide open to expose the truth and expose the actions and inactions of those who are receiving money for the care of the resident.

Donna said...

I will pray for this family and hope they sue the pants off of the facility and also that this leads to reform.

Anonymous said...

Because this was being investigated, she was killed. That is what I am afraid of about what has been done to my wonderful mother who is a brave, good woman trying her best to hang on and live, while she has a "duty to die" now that they have sold her house, taken her assets and locked her away in a dementia unit she never needed and drugged her to try to get her insane. Please pray for her. Something is very wrong that this happening.

NASGA said...

We're so sorry Anonymous and we know how you feel. We will pray for your dear mother and for your continued strength.