Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Catherine Falk Pushing For Parental Visitation Laws

Los Angeles News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

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Catherine Falk Pushing For Parental Visitation Laws


Barbara said...

Thank you for bringing the nation's attention to the problem of isolation.

StandUp said...

My appreciation, Catherine. What a Dad you had!

Anonymous said...


Angi said...

Everybody loves Peter Falk and now they'll love his daughter too.

Sue Harmon said...

Breaks my heart to hear and read how our nations beloved Lt. Columbo wasn't permitted to have his 'entire' family with him at the end of his life. My message to Shera Danese Peter Falk's wife who made those decisions for her husband

** K A R M A **

And on your judgment day I pray you will be sentenced to eternal damnation for your intentional cruelty. You had opportunities to correct your actions yet you did nothing.

I'm glad to see Mr. Falk's daughter Catherine Falk on her mission right vs wrong. Right will win and yes it's too late for Columbo but I pray Glen Campbell's family and others locked away will benefit from Catherine's sacrifices and efforts.