Thursday, June 18, 2015

Clark County Nevada Hearing Master Jon Horheim Continues to Rule on Cases

A nearly year-long Contact 13 Investigation has led to many changes in a system that was supposed to protect our most vulnerable citizens.

Chief Investigator Darcy Spears exposed how the guardianship system in Clark County's Family Court allowed private guardians to double-bill clients and drain their estates.

For years that activity was approved by one county employee who wasn't even a judge. Hearing Master Jon Norheim was responsible for nearly 9000 adult guardianship cases.

But after we exposed how he was making questionable decisions on the bench and failing to hold guardians accountable, all of those cases were taken away from him.

The adult guardianship caseload was assigned to Judge Cynthia Dianne Steel earlier this month. But Norheim is still on the bench. He continues to oversee guardianship cases for minors.There are nearly 7000 of those cases. And he's still deciding on just over a thousand "civil commitment" cases--where a court must determine if a person is mentally ill and needs to be placed in a facility.

The court says guardianship cases involving children have not come under fire the way adult cases have.

The entire system remains under review by a newly created state guardianship commission.

Guardianship Hearing Master Continues to Rule on Cases


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You've got to be kidding!

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I am shocked. And they thought the public wouldn't find out?