Thursday, June 18, 2015

Glen Campbell Music Lawsuit

Travis Campbell, son of Billie Jean and Glen Campbell and the other shareholders in Glen Campbell Music prevailed in a Los Angeles Superior Court. The Judge required that Glen Campbell's longtime business manager "Stan Schneider and Glen's 4th wife "Kimberly Woolen Campbell" to pay back shareholders, and beneficiaries of the Billie Jean Campbell Trust for what they should have but did not receive.

The Country Music Singer Glen Campbell did not have knowledge of how his business manager "Schneider" and current wife attempted to perpetrate a fraud against the shareholders who owned 40 percent of Glen Music. Document searches at the CA Secretary of State shows that Glen Campbell Music was closed and then reopened as Glen Campbell Enterprises and other companies. This left the other shareholders trying to figure out what happened. While under oath, in depositions Stan Schneider stated, "I made an honest mistake".

During settlement negotiations, Glen's current wife became irate while speaking on the phone to her attorney: trying to avoid paying the amount she and Schneider owed/embezzled from the heirs and shareholders of Glen Campbell's deceased wife Billie Jean Campbell. The deception went back over a ten-year period.

The Judge upheld the 1976 ruling where Billie Jean Campbell, Glen Campbell's wife of eighteen years; the woman that caused him to have superstar status was entitled to forty percent ownership in the Glen Campbell Company (as was stated in their divorce documents). Billie Jean remained a business partner and shareholder in Glen Campbell Music, and or name and likeness.

Billie Jean Campbell died in 1993. At that time, her property, assets, and shares in Glen Campbell Music began disappearing, even though she had a trusts managed by trustees. This was more than a current wife not wanting to give money to an x-wife. Here, Billie Jean Campbell had a court ordered divorce settlement; this was fraud, Billie Jean was a 40 percent shareholder.

This is about corporate fraud. It is about embezzling stock and shareholders money. This is a crime similar to Enron fraud and the Bernie Madoff swindle. This was an attempt to defraud shareholders and perpetrate fraud against the deceased and the heirs of her estate. It seems that business managers, trustees and the fourth wife just decided to forget about the shareholders and use the company as their own personal bank account.

This is what happened with Billie Jean Campbell. They defrauded her out of what was rightfully hers. There were not periodic accounting audits and reports to shareholders. In fact, it seems like there was not an accounting of the trust financials for years. Stan Schneider ignored letters from Billie Jean’s shareholders and rarely returned phone calls. They ignored emails, faxes, and certified letters.

After years of attempting to obtain information, lawyers were hired. Then it took several more years to cause Glen Campbell’s business manager Stan Schneider to be deposed. On at least twelve occasions, Stan Schneider attempted to avoid personal contact with attorneys by sending letters, stating that he had nothing to do with Glen Campbell. Three days after one such letter, Mr Schneider was at the Grammy awards with Glen’s wife Kimberly Woolen Campbell.

Mr Schneider said that he did not do any of Glen Campbell's bookkeeping yet he signed checks written on Glen and Kimberly’s account.

If we could, we would ask Mr. Schneider and Ms. Kimberly Campbell what happened to Billie Jean Campbell’s money and assets.
How did your names get on Billie Jean’s Campbells trust and move assets into your own personal accounts?
What happened to the Murdock building?
What happened to the Alan Jackson Money
Where is the 1.4 billion dollars from sale of the Oakwood property?
Why, Mr Schneider did you not want to provide that information?
Why did you repeatedly claim that you had no dealing with Kimberly Woolen Campbell, but in court, the two of you were attempting to make settlements to avoid any further forensic investigating or accountings?
After realizing that you have stockholders who were not paid, what did you do to rectify the situation?
“When were Billie Jean’s shares transferred to the Schneider Family Trust?

Billie Jean Campbell took precautions by trying to have a rock solid Trust to protect her assets and to insure her last wishes were met. Billie Jean Campbell wanted 20 percent of her monies to go to charity: to help people. She wanted to give back for the blessed life she and her husband Glen Campbell had achieved. Nothing has gone to charity.

Kimberly Woolen Campbell put Glen Campbell on a farewell tour. She took away everything familiar to him. This was a last ditch attempt to make as much money as possible from final concerts. First, the fourth wife Kimberly Woolen Campbell fired Glen’s band of 30 years and fired Glen’s best friend and daughter Debby Campbell. Debby worked with her dad for twenty-eight years. Now, Kimberly Woolen Campbell will not allow Debby to see her father.

Instead, Kimberly Woolen Campbell puts Glen Campbell into a nursing home and tells the public that he is sicker than he really is. She isolates him from the rest of the world. The desired result is fans buy more tickets and more CD's, and she makes more money. It is really a shame. This is exploitation, and elder abuse.


StandUp said...

Retaliation, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

My prayers that Glen Campbell gets to see all of his children and soon.

Charlene said...

This sure shows Kim Campbell's motive in my opinion: retaliation.

Joecitizen said...

Per the account of events in this article, yes this is criminal exploitation, fraud and I would think that false statements in an official proceeding would be another felony. I am curious about whether a criminal complaint was made or not?

B Inberg said...

Abusive decision maker I agree this clearly is retaliation and punishment what is their recourse? And why is Glen Campbell's life in her hands?

Anonymous said...

Let Glen see his kids as much as he wants for crying out loud. How can anyone be so cruel?

Anonymous said...

The LOVE of money is the root of all evil and as far as I'm concerned, both sides are doing everything within their power to get every penny they can out of Glen,and that is heartbreaking. Shame on all of them.

Blondie Michigan said...

Kim can no longer claim to be a christian. Her actions speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

This I's very sad! I pray that Travis and Deb get to spend time with their Dad. What has and is still being done with Glen's money is not legal. It is fraud, pure and simple!

fay hinster said...

Christian. Really ?

Barbara Lithander said...

This is heart-wrenching information. I was aware of some of this information, but unaware of the extent. This, in my opinion, is one of the cruelest crimes of deception I've ever heard of. Pure callous greed leading up to overt criminal actions committed unapologetically. I have no sympathy for either of them. Yet I have the utmost sympathy for all of the people who have been hurt by these actions, which incidentally includes Glen Campbell himself. This is a cruel and heinous crime.

Unknown said...

The word is "ensure"...not "insure". Is this written by a professional?

Teresa Luther said...

Kim Campbell- Careliving. Please visit her page. She doesn't want to hear what his true fans think about his living in a nursing home. He should be in HIS HOME!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I sense pure greed. Glen Campbell is a self made man who worked hard and sacrificed for his family throughout his entire life. He is now incapacitated while his wife takes advantage of that fact and frantically looks for ways to continue living the lavish lifestyle she has been accustomed to all of these years. Glen can no longer provide for her financially, therefore I see a desperate, greedy woman who makes a conscious decision to steal from Glen's dead ex-wife and his kids from previous marriages. Some of those kids have not only been robbed of money, but robbed of equal rights to their father. Stan Schneider needs to get rid of this heartless, selfish, narcissist before they both end up behind bars.