Monday, June 8, 2015

Recommended Website: Medical Whistleblower

Medical Whistleblower was founded by Dr. Janet Parker, a Veterinarian who reported Fraud, Abuse and Neglect in the Medical Community.

The organization is dedicated to advocacy and the emotional support of all Medical Whistleblowers regardless of their professional background or licensing status.

A Medical Whistleblower is a person who has come forward to report Medical Fraud, Abuse or Neglect to State, Federal or International governmental authorities.

Medical Whistleblower provides advocacy for all regardless of national origin, religious faith, color, disability, sex, sexual orientation, or age. Anyone with access to information related to medical fraud, abuse and neglect can be a Medical Whistleblower.

Medical Whistleblower advocates for those who have already made that choice and those still considering their future path. There is no cost to request support from Medical Whistleblower.

Medical Whistleblower is not a counseling service and does not provide legal advice or representation. We are an advocate for change and provide meaningful information related to the Medical Whistleblower’s experience and networking contacts for further support.

The test of a democracy is not the magnificence of buildings or the speed of automobiles or the efficiency of air transportation, but rather the care given to the welfare of all the people."
~Helen Adams Keller

Medical Whistleblower


Anonymous said...

I love the quote at the end of the post.

Rachel said...

Good resource. Thanks, NASGA!