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Steve Miller: The Fate of Anna Marie Gaule

The fate of the late Anna Marie Gaule was the first published story in my historical record of local guardian abuse.

In 1999, I was visited by Thomas Gaule, Mrs. Gaule's only child and living relative. With him was a retired FBI Special Agent who was a friend of Anna Marie. The gentlemen showed me a photo (above) that had been taken a week earlier of Anna Marie who was then confined to a Las Vegas rest home under the court ordered guardianship of Jared E. Shafer, Clark County's elected Public Guardian at that time.

I had met Mrs. Gaule years earlier while I was a Las Vegas City Councilman, and was aware she owned several valuable commercial properties in my district. I knew she had worked hard all her life to acquire the properties and provide an inheritance for her only child who I later learned was caring for her during her final years as an Alzheimer's victim.

During our visit, Thomas told me that several months earlier, Anna Marie had wandered away from the home they shared, became lost, and was picked up by the police for her safety.

Jared E. Shafer
That's when Shafer was informed of Anna Marie's situation, and he immediately petitioned the Family Court for temporary legal custody of the woman - and her well healed estate. In response, Thomas enrolled in Shafer's then offered four week Guardian Course provided to family members for a $1,500 fee at the County Government Center. Thomas passed the course and received a Certificate of Completion. He then petitioned the Family Court for permanent custody of his mother.

Shafer and his attorney protested, saying Thomas was "unfit" to care for his mother based on the day she wandered away from her house and was picked up by the police. During the course which Shafer taught, Thomas was never informed that his instructor would interfere with his effort to help his mother. However, Thomas reported that Shafer did ask numerous questions about Anna Marrie's real estate holdings. The court sided with Shafer, and granted him permanent custody over Anna Marie and her estate. Shafer reportedly didn't take long before beginning to liquidate Mrs. Gaule's assets.

When Thomas and his mother's friend visited me with the shocking photo, I was told that they were trying to rescue her from what was obviously a life threatening situation. I asked if Thomas had informed Jared Shafer of Anna Marie's injuries? Thomas said that Shafer was aware of the extensive injuries, but reported that Anna Marie had "fallen down." Thomas then told me he believed his mother had been beaten at the hands of the Asian caretakers at the Tonopah Drive rest home he visited daily that was used by Shafer to house his wards. Thomas then asked if I wanted to meet his mom.

The three of us immediately drove to the rest home. We were greeted at the door by an Asian man who did not speak English. Thomas informed the man that we were there to visit Anna Marie Gaule. The man said "No No" and tried to shut the door. The retired FBI Agent pushed pass the man, and Thomas and I followed him inside the converted house. We went to Mrs. Gaule's room, she was not there. We proceeded to the patio where I took this photo of Anna Marie's facial injuries one week after they occurred. It appeared to me that her nose was broken, and her bruised arms and legs indicated something other than a fall had occurred. It was obvious that she had been beaten, though she could not recall or describe what had happened to her.

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The Fate of Anna Marie Gaule


Keith said...

Jared Shafer should have been stopped years ago.

Anonymous said...

So the FBI agent could clearly see that she had been beaten. What was done. Nothing. Jared Shafer was not removed and from the story, the elder was left in this hell hole. Absolutely appalling.

Anonymous said...

He must have good connections!