Monday, June 15, 2015

Tonight on a special T.S. Radio: World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

4:00 pm PST … 5:00 pm MST … 6:00 pm CST … 7:00 pm EST

Our guests:
Joseph Roubicek – Elderly Criminal Exploitation
Gianna Nicoletti– Elder Abuse Resident
Patrice Gilgan – Gerald’s Story- Father was a victim of Elder Abuse 
Don Janke – Elder Abuse Resident
Marisa Conover -Mother was a victim of Felony Elder Abuse
Marian Hollingsworth – Father was a victim of elder abuse.
Carole Herman – Founder and President of FATE – Foundation Aiding the Elderly
Deirdre Gilbert– Dickson, National Director of National Medical Malpractice Advocacy
LISTEN LIVE or listen to the archive later


Rose said...

Can't wait!

NASGA said...

Debbie Dahmer passed on this nice comment she received on the show (which had over 70K listeners!):

Hello Debbie,
ACL thanks you for promoting WEAAD through your blog talk radio show. You had very diverse group of participants… We are so grateful for people such as you that are eager to share and inform others of elder abuse and financial exploitation.
Aiesha Gurley
Health and Human Services
Administration for Community Living