Friday, June 19, 2015

Woman charged with exploitation of elderly

Sue Ellen Wilkes
The caretaker of an 82-year-old Grand Ridge man has been charged with exploitation of the elderly, accused of taking almost $6,000 from the alleged victim over time.

Sue Ellen Wilkes,45, was arrested by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. She listed as a resident of the victim’s home and as his caretaker.

The man’s nephew alerted authorities to suspicions that Wilkes had taken money from the victim, and an investigation ensued.

Officials described various scenarios in which the victim was missing money from his wallet and from his bank account. The investigation also speaks of alleged deception involving a money exchange between the victim and Wilkes.

The complaint concludes that, together, the alleged incidents added up to an approximate loss of $5,932 for the victim.

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Woman charged with exploitation of elderly

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Jail, restitution, and community service!