Friday, July 17, 2015

Former county judge, lawyer sentenced on bribery charges

Angus McGinty (right) outside federal court Wednesday

(Photo: Matthew Craig)
SAN ANTONIO -- A former state district judge and an attorney were both sentenced to prison Wednesday as part of a federal corruption probe inside the Bexar County Courthouse. Angus McGinty, who resigned his position in 144th District judge in 2014, was sentenced to two years in prison. Attorney Al Acevedo was sentenced to one year and one day in prison.

McGinty was indicted on 2014 on charges of conspiracy to commit federal bribery, one count of bribery, one count of extortion and 12 counts of honest services wire fraud. The indictment alleged that McGinty solicited and accepted bribes from San Antonio lawyer Alberto Acevedo Jr. over a nine-month period in 2013.
McGinty resigned on Feb. 14, 2014, a month before Acevedo plead guilty to bribery. In his plea, Acevedo admitted he engaged in corruption by influencing McGinty with things of value.

On Wednesday, a judge offered McGinty some time to spend with his family and serve his prison sentence after Christmas but McGinty didn't take it. He said he just wants to get his sentence over with. He said it's about moving forward now with his family.

"Forward. What we're enduring is nothing compared to what other families have endured. We'll be fine," said McGinty.McGinty thanked the people who supported him in the last year and a half. He also, thanked the judge who sentenced him and the remarks he made in federal court.

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Former Judge, Lawyer Sentenced on Bribery Charges


Betty said...

Good. Another corrupt judge and lawyer off the street and not harming more innocent people.

Anonymous said...

How nice of the judge to offer him to spend time with his family and to wait until after Christmas to begin serving his time . I am surprised he did not write that on a gold invitation !! And then McGinty thanked his supporters would think thid was the Emmys