Thursday, July 16, 2015

From NASGA's Victim's Page: Louise Zahn, Wisconsin Victim

Imagine that you were the live-in caregiver of your Mother for 13 years.  Then Mom falls and breaks her femur bone and the Easter Seals Guardianship creates the following document to which you become aware on your first visit to the CBRF.

Upon returning at the requested specified time, you are escorted out of the Harbor CBRF by the Officers in Blue for no reason at all as one police officer hands you the RULES FOR LOUISE ZAHN ON ADMISSION 1/2/2014

What would you do?

NASGA: Louise Zahn, Wisconsin Victim


StandUp said...

Shocking. Mothers should be able to see all of their children and fairly too. One should not be favored over the other.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for Louise Zahn.

Zoey said...

I'm sorry too. The guardian owes both Louise and Marla an apology and need to fix this mess.