Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Police raid Las Vegas lawyer’s office in courthouse probe


An investigation of Las Vegas lawyers who forged documents in misdemeanor cases involving prostitutes has expanded to include another defense attorney.

Las Vegas intelligence detectives Tuesday raided the home and law office of attorney Vicki Greco, seeking evidence that Greco filed phony certificates of completion for Las Vegas Justice Court-ordered counseling and community service on behalf of 39 clients between 2008 and 2010.

The investigation is a spin-off of the criminal case against suspended defense lawyer Brian Bloomfield, who pleaded guilty to doing the same for his clients, mostly prostitutes, over the same period.

Bloomfield pleaded guilty to felony and gross misdemeanor charges in the counseling scheme in December 2013. He admitted filing or helping file forged records in 91 cases that falsely claimed a client had completed counseling or community service. He also admitted having client files destroyed to cover his actions.

Detectives on Tuesday sought correspondence between Greco and Bloomfield related to the 39 clients, according to copies of the search warrants obtained by the Review-Journal.

Bloomfield, who has yet to be sentenced, is waiting to hear from a State Bar of Nevada disciplinary panel if he should permanently lose his law license.

Aaron Stanton, the detective who investigated Bloomfield, obtained the search warrants in the case against Greco. His affidavit providing probable cause for the search is sealed.

Police also searched for correspondence and records of financial trans­actions between Greco and former juvenile probation officer Robert Chiodini, who was charged along with Bloomfield in 2011. Chiodini, who also pleaded guilty and cooperated with prosecutors, is awaiting sentencing.

Chiodini was accused of helping Bloomfield obtain phony certificates of completion showing community service for a youth boxing organization that Chiodini owned.

Detectives searched Greco’s client files Tuesday for certificates of completion from Chiodini’s Genesis Center.

According to the search warrants, detectives also sought tax returns for Greco and her law firm for 2007 through 2010. Police left Greco’s law office with her computer server and found client files at a rented storage unit.

Greco, who has had a Nevada law license since September 2003, declined comment. Her firm’s website says it is regarded as one of the best in Las Vegas, and that a “consistent track record of uncompromising ethics instills confidence and trust.”

State Bar Counsel David Clark said Greco hasn’t been before his organization for any disciplinary proceedings, but he’s interested in the courthouse allegations. “We’ll certainly inquire of the authorities whatever information they can share,” he said.

In December 2011, Bloomfield, Chiodini and former counseling service owner Steven Brox were charged in a county indictment with carrying out the scheme as far back as 2008.

Bloomfield’s wife, Amber McDearmon, and former bail bondsman Thomas Jaskol were subsequently indicted, with added charges that they conspired with Bloomfield to destroy evidence.

All but Brox eventually pleaded guilty. His trial is set for Sept. 8.

Bloomfield last month made an emotional plea to keep his license, telling the State Bar’s disciplinary panel he considered suicide after his guilty plea. He is serving a one-year temporary suspension and now earns $9 an hour in a telemarketing call center to support his wife and three young children, he said.

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Police raid Las Vegas lawyer’s office in courthouse probe

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