Monday, July 20, 2015

Steve Miller: Pictures from The Vegas Voice Seminar on Guardianship Fraud

On Tuesday evening, July 14, The Vegas Voice sponsored a seminar on guardianship fraud at the Anthem Community Center in Henderson, Nevada.

Featured speakers included Vegas Voice publisher Dan Roberts, Vegas Voice Political Editor and columnist Rana Goodman, guardianship abuse victim Julie Belshe, and AmericanMafia. com columnist Steve Miller.

Over 150 Anthem residents attended to hear the speakers explain the new laws recently enacted to prevent guardian abuse, and to be cautioned that abusive guardians and their enabling Clark County Family Court judges and guardianship commissioner are still in office and may resurface to again bilk wealthy elderly residents of Anthem and other local retirement communities in the future, or as soon as news coverage of their crimes die down.

On Wednesday (today), the newly enacted Nevada Supreme Court Guardianship Committee will meet for the first time in Las Vegas and Carson City. Topics will include ways of preventing the local for-guardian industry from continuing to bilk the elderly, and how to prevent them from gaining power of attorney over wealthy elderly retirees lives with help from the family court. - SM

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