Sunday, August 30, 2015

Tonight on T.S. Radio: Katherine Hine - Who's Judging the Judges - Corruption in Our Courts

Guest: Katherine Hine, host of 3 weekly broadcasts on

Katherine Hine: The corruption in our courts has become so epidemic, so wide-spread and ingrained, that our courts are the last place to find justice.

Join us this evening as Katherine Hine of WLJA radio in Ohio joins the show to discuss just who is judging the judges?

You can call in to the show during the second part, by calling the above number and then hitting “1”.

Katherine will be talking about WLJA and the issues she and Pastor Caleb cover on WLJA, especially on Bedlam in America, God’s Healing Bounty, and Who Judges the Judges.

4:00 pm PST … 5:00 pm MST … 6:00 pm CST … 7:00 pm EST

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