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DETROIT – “It’s horrendous, unbelievable, like a nightmare,” Debbie Fox, daughter of Gayle Robinson, said about her mother ’s dealings with Wayne County Probate Court Judge Terrance Keith and his appointed guardian/conservator Mary Rowan.

Mrs. Robinson is 84, and a member of the Montford Point chapter of Marine Corps Veterans, among other activities.

Fox said actions by Keith and Rowan have “cost Gayle her freedom, her 2003 Escape, her finances of over $27,000 and they are working on marshaling her home of almost 60 years where all her memories of her late husband and son who both died in the home she would like to continue living in are.”

Judge Terrance Keith (center) with his wife at left, and Judge Ruth Carter at right, during 2012 gala event at Detroit Marriott.

On June 17, Mrs. Robinson fled the charmingly appointed home in Westland, where she resided with her son Randy Robinson and granddaughter Lynette, after raising 10 children there with her late husband Russell Robinson, also a veteran. They bought the home in 1956.

She flew to stay with her brother James Brown in California, to avoid being placed by Rowan in a nursing home or other institution.

Rowan attempted to do so without a court order three times earlier. The third time, on September 30, 2014, Rowan’s aide Katie McDonald succeeded essentially in kidnapping her with the aid of Westland police, violating Keith’s July 28 court order that she could not be removed without his written order.

She was held against her will for a total of 10 days, 9 of them in a “geropsychiatric unit” at Botsford Hospital in Royal Oak.

In only available photo of her, Mary Rowan
In only available photo of her, Mary Rowan, seated in blue dress, admonishes this reporter for attending court hearing on Mailauni Williams (r), whose arm she is clutching. Rowan later kidnapped Williams and held her for six months at a location unknown to her mother. Photo: Cornell Squires

“Gayle Robinson has been severely traumatized by this kidnapping and heavily stressed by these probate court proceedings,” Randy wrote in a court pleading asking for Rowan to be removed as guardian, and for Rowan and Robinson to be held in contempt of court. Keith ignored the pleading and instead later held Randy in contempt.

“My brother was arrested and [now] is being held as hostage for the return of Gayle,” Fox said.

“I want Gayle, I want Gayle returned first!” Keith said according to courtroom observers.

Keith’s order (see link below story), implied that Randy Robinson would be indefinitely detained if he and his uncle did not force Mrs. Robinson to return. He gave specific orders to Brown, although Brown resides in another state, and is not in Keith’s jurisdiction.

An earlier charge of “contempt of court” for not showing up when his car broke down, landed Randy in jail for three days.

Gayle Robinson kidnapped from her Westland home of 60 years on Sept. 30, 2014, by Westland police and Rowan aide Katie McDonald, an accountant. The removal violated an earlier order by Judge Keith that Mrs. Robinson not be taken without his court order.
Gayle Robinson kidnapped from her Westland home of 60 years on Sept. 30, 2014, by Westland police and Rowan aide Katie McDonald, an accountant. The removal violated an earlier order by Judge Keith that Mrs. Robinson not be taken without his court order. Mrs. Robinson was held for 10 days, 9 of them in a psychiatric ward at Botsford Hospital, without her consent.

Keith gave Rowan “authority” to evict Randy and Lynette from the home and ordered the locks changed. Such eviction actions are legally handled by district courts. Without any such district court action, Mrs. Robinson’s other children now have access to the house and are throwing out many possessions, according to observers.

Keith barred Randy and Lynnette, and Debbie Fox and members of her marital family from any contact with their mother. Keith also ordered that Randy no longer be allowed to drive his mother’s car, with her permission, to earn a living delivering pizza.

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Gary said...

What caused all this mess in the first place?

B Inberg said...

A nightmare with no good ending.

Anonymous said...

Gayle started prosecution for financial elder abuse ($102,000 checks written by one sister to a brother and a sister, from the home equity loan.) a second try with her now dead son Raymond Robinson on Nov 16 2012. Ray died December 29, 2012. After we compiled the evidence Gayle and myself were not able to meet with the detective until Oct 2013. Then many emails and the dropping off the credit check sparked Sgt. Thiviger to email myself that he will be meeting the prosecuting attorney when he returned from Vacation March 2013.

March 2014 Mary Robinson daughter who took the check for $45,000 to buy and or fix up another house her third. Mary brought the email to Gayle the second time on Easter Sunday morning on Gayle porch video is on the site. Mary goes on saying she is the good child and myself is the bad child that always hated her and Raymond (friction). Remember I was working with Raymond against her to get anyone that got the money to pay it back.

Mother's day Kathy Law daughter and Mary Robinson daughter came into Mass and before the Priest could get to the back of the church they were yelling at Gayle trying to get her to scream. In the parking lot caught on cell phone started by running his SUV into his brother Randy then Mary with a CPL attached Randy and Kathy stood be hide Randy's car and challenged him to hit her with his car. Kathy and Mary went to the police station and filed a false police report on Mothers day. The next day the filed for guardianship and conservator.

Judge Keith appointed Mar Rowan instead. All six kids out of eight are against Gayle.

the same Sgt Thivierge that was investigating the missing funds was contacted by Maria Vulaj the GAL or visitor as he told me on Sept 30 2014 he is about to get his law degree. The police report and Mary Rowan's report states that Sgt Thiviger called Mary Rowan's office offering ascendance to REMOVE GAYLE FROM HER HOME!

The same officer showed up in court several times and because he NEVER followed threw with the investigation has pilled up over 20 police reports and court visits not including the many Probate court hearings.

I have asked the Westland Police Chief to have a formal investigation over his wrong doings in this case which cost the tax payers. There were 4 police officers at Gayle's home waiting to remover her and committee her without a court order and not following the correct procedure in committing someone. Gayle was not violent there was no threat to herself or others as Mary Rowan stated when she committed her on Oct 1 2014.

Gayle has been a ward of the STATE for a year without clear evidence and without anyone caring for her. Gayle is not in need of anyone caring for her! Her own lawyer quit on June 18 2015 letting Mary Rowan and Judge Keith do what they want. Shawn O'Connor didn't do much he was hired from a Garden City firm to get Gayle out of probate BUT Shawn some how connived Gayle to accept myself or her brother being a guardian which locked into the system.

jlaw1017 said...

Anonymous, (Debbie Fox).....Unbelievable what you have done for so little money. Your share of that house is so minimal. It's freaking nuts what you have put this family thru. For money!

Randy Robinson was arrested for not showing up in court when ordered. He had a court date for him an his mother to appear. He took his mother to the airport an sent her to California to her bothers an didn't go to court. When a judge orders you in to court an you don't go what would you expect to happen? Randy Robinson is all about his mothers money. He is pissed he can no longer use her car to deliver pizza, Her credit card to fill the gas tank. her house to home himself an his daughter. he has been living off my grandmother for 8-10 years. he took over my grandmothers house cut her off from her 6 other children. Wouldn't allow her grandchildren to visit. She has a 2 year old Great Great Great Granddaughter she has never gotten to even meet. This is about loans given to the other children out of Grandmas home equity loan account. That have been being paid back as agreed to for many years. Now Randy Robinson an Debbie Fox are worried if grandma passes away they wont get their share of the house. So they have been telling my grandmother we want her in a home. The probate took over, Due to his argument of my mother (the oldest child) he didn't want as the guardian. The state evicted him an inspected the house an yard an found it unfit. now all the children who want their mother in a home have been working their butts off cleaning the yards an house for grandma to be approved to come home. She is currently safe at her brothers in California waiting for the inspections on the house to clear for her to come home. Where were Randy an Debbie during this process? Hiding from the police for not showing up in court. He still currently has a warrant for his arrest for contempt of court. Feel free to ask any questions you want but let me tell you Randy's story is just that. A fabricated story. He has done nothing but mooch off my grandmother for years letting her house get Destroyed. I don't have a dog in this fight other than I want to be able to visit my grandmother while she is still on this planet. An introduce her to my Granddaughter.

Vanessa Oary said...

I am a person of no relation to this family…. I am here writing to advise that alot of this is lies or it could if all been avoided if debbie Fox and Randy Robinson would have agreed to the court orders…. ms. Gayle Robinsons car is still in her name and she still has full rights to her vehicle… the vehicle has been moved to safe free location so that her son randy robinson could not drive it and rack up mileage and wear and tear on the vehicle… when she returns the vehicle will be returned to her… her house is still and will always be also in her possession… she was never going to be put into a nursing home or other facility… she was only taken to a facilty to be evaluated to see if she was ok to take care of herself…. ms. Robinson only went to California because her son randy robinson and daughter debbie fox convinced her that the other children were going to lock her up… which also was not true… none of this would have ever happened if randy robinson and debbie fox would not allow anyone to see her or to see if she is of sound body and mind… they would not allow the court order health associates check her health…. because of this they had to have the court help….. ms. Gayle robinson is led to believe anything they tell her because she trusts Mr Robinson and Ms fox not to lie to her and will make her believe what ever they want her to… they were able to get her to change her will… they were able to get her to put them on her accounts… the guardian is paying all her bills the bills that were not being paid was because she wasn’t aware of them because mr. Robinson and kept them from the guardian…. it wasn’t until the courts gave them permission to enter the house and had to break the locks that they learned the bills we’re under her late husbands name which without the account numbers they could not access.. the locks we’re changed because ms. Fox and mr . Robinson continued to enter the property after the court order prevented them from doing so…. the only reason mr. Robinson was evicted was because he continued to disregard the court orders and refused anyone access including the court appointed guardian…. the judge had no choice but to evict them so that they could make sure ms. Robinson was being taken care of…. after entering the home they found large amounts of food and trash on the carpet and in the rooms so the family has been there with the gaurdian cleaning up the mess so that ms. Robinson can come home to a clean house…. as for mr. Brown he was awarded guardianship after a certain amount of days as course guardian and as long as the rules of the court we’re being followed… again because of Mr Robinson and ms. Fox manipulation he did not follow the court orders so he lost his rights to be a guardian… it is ms. Fox and mr. Robinsons fault that they do not have access to ms Robinson as well as Mr. Robinsons fault that he has bench warrants. If they would have allowed ms. Robinson to be examined and cooperated with the system… they would still be able to visit with ms. Robinson as well as still be able to live in the home

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you're going through and how they're feeling right about now I'm starting around and thought I was doing something good for my son and ask the probate justice system in Detriot to appoint him a guardian thinking that a male figure in his life would help him change after he was hit by a drunk driver but now ever since that court date I have yet to see my son in the morning or making dinner at night it's ridiculous I'm filing charges and complaints against the judge and the guardian both parties actually