Monday, August 17, 2015

We’re still on the job and not backing down

Since the first time the Las Vegas Tribune saw the light of day, we have been on a mission to expose corruption at all levels of government. We have been known for taking on cases that no one else would dare to take on, unless they had an ulterior motive, as a benefit to someone else on a higher level of power, or as a payback favor.

From day one we have been exposing all the wrongdoings of the infamous Family Court and we like to think that within the first year we were instrumental in taking former Family Court Judge Fran Fine off the bench.

We have taken the initiative in exposing Judge Frank Sullivan’s bad behavior for taking children from their parents and trying to give them up for adoption.

We are on the record exposing all the wrongdoings of Judge Vincent Ochoa for disrespecting and abusing litigants from the bench. (We have tried and tried in every edition of this humble newspaper to (open the eyes of the voters, the residents of Clark County and the community as a whole to no avail. The system turned their back to our articles and did nothing but badmouth us, calling us anti-government radicals and anti-police radicals, as well as many other derogative names for not
bowing down to them.)

The same happened with the Public Administrator and the Public Guardian offices under the criminal administration of Jared Shafer.

While Family Court politics and corruption continue to be a shame to our judicial system, for now anyway, the seniors and all those under Jared Shafer’s spell may have a better future with the help of the new Chief Judge of the Eighth Judicial District Court, David Barker. For the last decade, this “anti-government, anti-police” newspaper (as many like to call us), Las Vegas Tribune, has been exposing the corruption of Jared Shafer and his clan of underlings. But no one wanted to upset Shafer and ignored the articles written on our pages. We all know the case of Anne Marie Gaule and all the events that took place with and against her son when two gunmen under Shafer’s domain were waiting for him inside the house. Gaule’s son killed the two intruders and was defended by this newspaper’s co-owner, the late attorney John Fadgen.

The family of Marcy DuDeck got a taste of how powerful Jared Shafer could be when they went to court to get their relative out of the hands of Shafer and told Las Vegas Tribune’s Fred Couzens what happened in our court system.

“Well, we started the proceedings and (Chief District Court) Judge (Art) Ritchie (of Clark County) called the California court and started saying that Heidi was no good and Heidi was this,” Charles related. “So when we went into court, the California courts listened to Judge Ritchie and put a temporary conservator here in California that took Heidi completely out of the loop even to the point Heidi could no longer take her mom to the doctor, she couldn’t take her to lunch, she couldn’t take her to the hairdresser, she could do absolutely nothing, no church, no nothing. This guardian named Winnie Weshler was appointed and… she told us point blank in a meeting in February… that she was going to follow the directives of Jared Shafer.”

In 2006 Fred Couzens quoted the daughter of one of Shafer’s victims as saying “…When we got to… Chancellor (Gardens) we found the conditions were filthy and Marcy said, ‘Heidi, I want to come with you to California. Please get me out of here’ even though she was placed there by… (Clark County Department of) Social Services,” Charles said.

“Marcy actually begged Heidi to take her to California… that was in September 2006. We went back again in November and Marcy didn’t look well and again she begged us and we went in front of Commissioner Norheim. (He) told us that we could submit a plan, but that he wasn’t really going to listen to it. When our attorney asked why, (Norheim) said that we weren’t residents of Nevada and therefore we really didn’t have any say in the care of Marcy.”

When casino owner Ted Binion overdosed in his Palomino Lane residence the Public Administrator was there before the police arrived or even before the family had time to get in the house.

Ted Binion had a will, had family and had a live-in girlfriend; why was the Public Administrator there? Because the Public Administrator is always following the money. There is no doubt that Chief Judge David Barker has reopened the can of worms that we had opened before and we are planning to support him all the way for the benefit of the residents of Clark County.

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We’re still on the job and not backing down

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StandUp said...

I really appreciate the title of the article, Las Vegas Tribune. Don't back down. Keep exposing cases like the Marcy Dudeck case.

Betty said...

I hope Jared Shafer and April Parks are indicted for their crimes.