Sunday, September 6, 2015

Disabled Vet Shocked by Arrest of Trusted Friend

Two arrests for a despicable crime come as a shock to disabled veteran Jim Riley. Not only does he know one of the suspects -- he trusted him.

A Six on Your Side investigation helped crack the case.

As a caregiver sent by a nursing service, Rashad Johnson spent one day a week assisting Riley.

“He's an excellent caregiver,” Riley said. “You couldn't ask for a better person.”

But Johnson has been arrested for misusing the disabled client's credit card.

Sarpy County Detective Matt Barrall said, "We believe Rashad Johnson, once he was able to obtain the victim's credit card information, used it to wire money to Western Union where his brother picked it up."

Security camera video shows Amaan Johnson receiving $1,200 cash wired from the victim’s account.

Jim trusted his credit and debit card with the caregiver because the caregiver would buy essentials to help Jim deal with multiple sclerosis. Riley said the caregiver also purchased food and even went to dinner with the family - another reason why they feel betrayed.

“It’s a crying shame that these guys had to stoop that low,” Riley said.

Riley’s niece, Mary Ann Montgomery, said, "He's not letting anyone else take his credit card now but family like me to go do his shopping and stuff."

Amaan Johnson, who picked up the money, was arrested for financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult. He also faces an unrelated counterfeiting charge in Colorado.

Detective Barrall said, “When Colorado authorities arrested him they found thousands of dollars in counterfeit bills."

Rashad Johnson has been charged with financial exploitation of a vulnerable adult.

Riley is shocked and said, “All he had to do was ask."

Through jail staff, we asked the arrested caregiver, Rashad Johnson, if he'd do an interview. He said he would if we paid his $2,000 bail. We declined.

Rashad Johnson is listed with the state as a Licensed Nurses Aide. The service he worked through hasn't returned our call.

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Disabled Vet Shocked by Arrest of Trusted Friend

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Terri said...

I know it's shocking but it's so commonplace, it's not nearly as shocking as it used to be.