Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nokomis man accused of exploitation of an elderly person

Steve Brown
A Nokomis man is facing a felony charge ... accused of stealing money from a 92-year-old woman he was caring for. Steve Brown, 56, is charged with exploitation of an elderly person.

Sarasota County Sheriff's deputies say he worked for Margery Warshaw from August to December of 2014....and that he cashed 18 of Warshaw's checks totaling $21,000. Bank officials contacted the Department of Children and Families, investigators found Warshaw to be incompetent.

When it comes to avoiding a possible scam, The Jewish Family and Children Services works with seniors from around the Suncoast. On Wednesday, at the JFCS, seniors gathered to have lunch and socialize. Amongst the fellowship was one concern all the seniors share...getting older.

"We have to face reality. Yes, there are times we do need help," says Marge Martin.

Martin lives in an assisted living facility. Right now she's capable of taking care of herself, but fears what will happen if she has to have a care-giver.

"I would have concerns having someone in my home. It's an invasion of privacy," said Martin.

"Sometimes that puts off their decision to bring in the help they critically needed in order to be able to live independently," said Pamela Baron, with the JFCS.

One of the scariest possibilities is having someone else in charge of finances.

"I know exactly where my money will be going and no one else will be making that decision for me," said Alfred Koral.

To ensure his finances stay secure, Koral, has made arrangements for his children to be in charge of his money, not a potential care-giver.

"I've made advanced arrangements for all of my assets, to make sure they are equally distributed among my children and grandchildren," said Koral.

For those who need help or direction, the JFCS has councilors who can lend a hand.

"We have a number of very well run, well respected home care agency's," said Baron.

They do not, however, suggest any private care-givers. They say the assurance of a reputable company far out ways the possibility of being scammed.

Having spent the last 5 years being his wife's care-giver as her health declined, Koral is not taking any chances.

"I know well the role of a care-taker from giving. I haven't been receiving yet but I'm not looking forward to that event," said Koral.

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Nokomis man accused of exploitation of an elderly person

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